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Difference Between Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones And Air Conduction Headphones and How About Their Benefits?

Mar 01,2023 | David

The difference between wireless bone conduction headphones and air conduction headphones

Literally understood, their main difference is in the way of sound transmission. Bone conduction headphones use the skull as a medium to transmit sound, while air conduction headphones use air as a medium to transmit sound. The reason why some people mistakenly think that air conduction headphones are an upgraded version of bone conduction headphones is mainly because some air conduction headphones are cleverly designed to look the same as bone conduction headphones and wear the same way. Once the manufacturers of air conduction headphones carry out large-scale publicity, consumers will be misunderstood.

How do wireless bone conduction headphones work?

Wireless bone conduction headphones are an application of bone conduction technology in the field of headphones. It transmits sound through the skull, without going through the external auditory canal and eardrum, which is very good for the ear.

What are the benefits of wireless bone conduction headphones

Since wireless bone conduction headphones do not require the use of both ears, they also bring some health benefits. They do not need to be stuffed into the ear when worn, they can keep the inside of the ear canal clean and hygienic. And the surface of them is smooth, easy to clean, and its body can keep clean. Traditional air conduction headphones are worn either into the ear or covering throughout the ear, which will cause bacteria to deposit inside the ear. So bone conduction headphones are of great help to the ear health. They use the principle of bone conduction to transmit sound that does not need to pass through the eardrum. So unless the volume is turned up too much, normal volume will not affect hearing when the headphones are used.

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