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Can bone conduction damage hearing and How much damage do they do to the ear canal?

Dec 15,2022 | Sylvia

Bone conduction headphones have become popular recently. Most people's understanding of it is still limited. The reason for the rapid popularity of bone conduction headphones this year is that they skillfully use the solid sound transmission principle and solve the problem of "ear damage caused by wearing headphones for a long time", which is really an annoying problem for everyone. I have used bone conduction headphones for years, I will share with you the knowledge of bone conduction headphones accumulated in recent years, to help more people understand and use bone conduction headphones.

Can bone conduction damage hearing?

To answer this question, firstly, we need to understand the sound production principle of bone conduction headphones. Bone conduction headphones transform the sound in headphones into mechanical vibration of different frequencies, and transmit the sound with human skull as the medium. It does not need to pass through the external auditory canal and eardrum, but directly passes through the bone labyrinth to transmit sound waves to the auditory center, thereby minimizing the damage to the ear canal. Beethoven, who was hard of hearing, grasped the baton with his teeth and placed the other end of the baton on the piano. Through the vibration of the baton, the sound of the piano was transmitted to the auditory nerve to perceive the sound.

Through the sound production principle of bone conduction, we can draw a conclusion that bone conduction headphones are the healthiest headphones and the least harmful to our hearing. Let's take a closer look at the other benefits of wearing bone conduction headphones.

Benefits of bone conduction headphones


Bone conduction headphones are open-ear headphones. It avoids the risk of bacteria breeding in the ear canal due to the blockage of the ear canal by in-ear headphones, and also avoids the harm caused by the friction of the ear canal because of wearing headphones for a long time. The damage to hair cells in the ear can be reduced by 80%. Therefore, it is a very healthy headphones.


Bone conduction headphones that generate sound through bone vibration can also keep the ear canal open when worn for a long time. It allows ambient sound to enter the ear canal, and it can talk without taking off the headphones. This greatly avoids the accidents caused by the failure to receive external sound

Comfortable to wear

Bone conduction headphones are usually worn above the ear. Compared with traditional headphones, they will not produce any sense of weight during wearing, and they are also more firm. This is also the basic reason for the explosion of them.

There are many benefits of bone conduction headphones. Gradually, a large number of brands have entered the market, leading to the uneven market of them. Which one of them is worth buying? Now let me recommend some bone conduction headphones that are easy to use.

1.Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones

The Wissonly team is one of the teams with the best technology accumulation in the field of bone conduction headphones. With their profound technical accumulation, the overall performance of their products is also very good. They broke the ceiling of bone conduction sound quality with advanced bone vibration technology. This Hi Runner is one of the best bone conduction headphones. Its leak proof sound is also excellent. Its fully closed leak proof technology reduces the sound leakage by 90%, thus solving the sound leakage problem caused by shell vibration.

Its classic and simple appearance design helps it to adapt to a variety of scenes and multiple groups of people. Its surface layer is also made of high-tech low sensitive silicone material, which makes it more soft and breathable when worn in sports. Hi Runner's memory titanium metal skeleton for its’ frame makes it very stable during exercise. You don't need to worry about the problem of dropping headphones. It also support IPX8 waterproof grade, which is almost the best waterproof grade in the industry. This allows it to be used normally under the washing of rain. It's no problem to go swimming and diving.

In terms of configuration, Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones also have advantages. It has a 5.0 Bluetooth chip, which can ensure stable Bluetooth connection. It also has a built-in 32G memory, which can store 5000 songs. You can use it as an MP3 player. It also has a battery with 10 hours of super long life, and the battery also supports fast charging.

2.Aftershokz Openrun Pro Bone Conduction headphones

The OpenRun Pro’s body frame is made of memory titanium alloy,which allows it to bend freely without deformation.So,it is suitable for users with different head circumference. It is comfortable and stable to wear when exercising.In terms of sound leakage, It adopts LeakSlayer sound leakage technology, which can deal with sound leakage well, and protect personal privacy during outdoor sports.

Overall, this is a good bone conduction headphones. The only disadvantage is that the price is relatively high.

3.Sony LinkBuds Open Bluetooth headphones

Sony LinkBuds integrates the headphones shell and the driver unit of the headphones. It reduces the size of the ring drive unit. The utility model improves the comfort performance of the wearer and makes the wearer feel weightless. LinkBuds is equipped with a wide area click function, which can detect the vibration caused by clicking in the area in front of the ear. This headphones operation is very convenient. With the help of the 300 mah lithium battery charging cabin, it can reach 5.5+12 hours of endurance, and meet the needs of most people.

4.Moing i1S bone conduction headphones

The body has no hole, it has IPX5 waterproof grade.So it can also work normally when sweating during exercise. It is also equipped with the MP3 mode with 8G memory, and the 5.0 Bluetooth chip makes the Bluetooth connection more stable. For users who have not used bone conduction headphones before, you can have a try.

5.Nank Runner CC3 bone conduction headphones

Since the body of the runner CC3 is made of silicone material in the skin fitting part, you will feel cool in summer when wearing it. Therefore, it can fully stimulate the enthusiasm of sports.

It has no major problem with sound quality, and has built-in 4G storage, which can store 1000 songs. You can also enjoy music in places with poor signals. It is very comfortable and stable to wear.

Its disadvantage is that the waterproof grade is not high enough.So it is not suitable for swimming.