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Best Workout Headphones: Aftershokz Titanium Review

Sep 07,2023 | David

For those who pay attention to bone conduction headphones, the brand AfterShokz should not be unfamiliar,which is a brand founded in 2011. In the past few years, it has launched a variety of wired and wireless products, which have been recognized by many consumers around the world.

The protagonist of this article is Titanium bone conduction earphone.This is one of their sports headphones, which is deeply loved by many people. So is Aftershokz Titanium worth buying? There are many review articles from third parties or brands on the Internet, but in this article, we will analyze it from another angle: the real reviews of users.

Basic information:

Product Dimensions:5.31 x 2.6 x 6.54 inches

Item Weight:1.41ounces


Item model number:AS600

Batteries:1 Lithium Polymer batteries required.(included)

Charging Time:1 Hour

Fast Charging:No

Item Weight:40 Grams

Units:1.0 Count

Number Of ltems:1


Aftershokz titanium workout review from users:

Product name: aftershokz titanium Price: $149

Rating: 4.4 Where to buy: Amazon or official website.

User review 1:

User:POBOX621  Nation:United States

“I wear it about six hours a day almost everyday. It is very functional. If you want to listen to call/music at the same time you want to be aware of the sound around you, it is the device you want to get! I connect it to both iPad and a cellphone at the same time. Multipoint connection to two devices (but not more than two) is very useful (although you can listen to one at a time). It is like wearing small speakers. You should not expect it to be high-quality-sound headphone. It will probably take some time to get used to for some people especially if you are sensitive to motion sickness (like I am). You can also wear earbuds at the same time wearing AFTERSHOKZ. Then, you can listen to sound from two devices at the same time. I think I will get the one with a longer battery life next. It works great for me, and I highly recommend it.”

User review 2:

User:Mwidder14  Nation:United States

“I love these!!! I have bone conduction hearing loss bilaterally and loss in both cochlear. I got these as a gift from my sister and tried them out....best Christmas present ever! It’s been a long time since I could hear music properly or talk on the phone or even listen to an audio book! With horrible hearing loss I didn’t think much would help but these do! I can hear music, don’t have to ask people on the phone to repeat themselves 20 times, can listen to an audio book and actually hear it! I know they are marketed towards runners. But for hearing loss community these things are amazing!!!”

User review 3:

User:Danni McE  Nation:United States

“For the most part, this workout headphone is amazing!!!! Sounds great, easy to put on, for the most part, no pain. The few things I do have a very small issue that I personally can offer look but others may not like, the headphones do not turn off when in active for so long.. I will literally walk around for hours with them on & nothing playing just because I hardly notice them but then realize they have been on. The sec issue, size is slightly lil bigger then I would like. That interferes with the place meant near my rear and can make it uncomfortable at times. With that being said... these are not meant to be worn while laying down.... haha. But otherwise, I LOVE them.”

User review 4:

User:Mr. Bill  Nation:United States

“I LOVE the workout headphone, but is SUCKS to replace these yearly because of salty sweat. The little cover that seals the charging port does not, I REPEAT, does not protect the charging contacts. SAD but true. Often I would charge the unit, then use black tape to cover the charging port. That's a nuisance and weakness. Other time I find myself in a sweat, while not exercising. JUST LIKE YESTERDAY. They are DEAD. Nice idea, weak execution.”

User review 5:

User:Damien  Nation:Canada

“Your ears remain uncovered, so you hear all ambient sound, AND you hear your music as soft or loud as you want. It is also and an always-on audio connection to google assistant or whatever you use. Think google Glass without the camera or screen. It is very handy! Comfortable; I wear them all day and have all my random questions answered instantly. Love them.

Oh, the bass is not there.. they go from about 200hz and up. Good enough for background music in boring conversations.

You hear music, nobody else does. Same with phone calls.

In a soft voice: "Ok google, play some --- music". Done.

Highly recommend.”

User review 6:

User:FBinFL  Nation:United States

“I was excited about getting these, but was a little disappointed at first. I thought they weren't very comfortable. They felt kind of heavy on my ears. I was used to a pair of sport ones that have soft rubber grips around the ears and earbud style phones. Now that I've used the the Aftershokz a few times, I love them! I use them for outdoor walking/running because I want to be able to hear cars and stuff. They have been really great for that. I hear cars, people talking, birds singing, etc. I think the sound quality is pretty good. So far, the battery life has been excellent. If you turn them up too loud, you'll feel a vibration against your skin that's a bit weird, but hey - at least you are killing your eardrums.”

User review 7:

User:Theodore Montgomery  Nation:United States

“I was pumped to get the product- I did not have earphone of my own (mom struggle) and love to work out but also need to hear what is going on around me. I love the fact you can still hear all of the surrounding noises because I hike alone and get nervous. These are perfect for enjoying your show or music while still engaging with the people around you. The only complaint I have is the neck piece is really large and I struggle with wearing a beanie or sweatshirt hood and keeping the pieces over my ears. It is getting increasingly frustrating; I very much wish the piece was adjustable. I am unsure why it is not. Other than that, I like them a lot. These are my first bone conducting headphones and I have not experienced the 'legit' ones that cost quite a bit more.”

User review 8:

User:Brad L.  Nation:United States

“The sound quality of these is incredible. They aren't audiophile quality by any means, but I use them for mostly for video conferencing, and being able to hear your own voice "outside" of your head is lightyears better than hearing your voice muffled when using buds or over-the-ear headphones. I also listen to every kind of music on them (I have the bluetoothed to my laptop), and never feel like I need to reach for my expensive cans or buds.

The only reason I'm giving these 4 stars instead of 5, is because they are non-adjustable, and don't fit bigger heads very well at all. Unfortunately, Aftershokz doesn't make any larger versions (they do make smaller, though), so it is what it is. I've put in a few suggestions for a larger size, so we'll see what happens.”

User review 9:

User:RachelCC  Nation:United States

“I really like these workout headphones, because I have issues with irritation inside my ears and it is uncomfortable to use ear buds for very long. I like being able to hear other noises that are going on around the house or the office while I'm using them. I am primarily using these for work calls. The sound quality is good for calls, and people cannot even tell you are wearing them on video. My only complaint is that after a while they tend to hurt the tops of my ears. This is primarily due to having long hair, and I think my hair pushes down on the back causing them to press on the tops of my ears. If I wear a ponytail, I don't have this problem, but I rarely want to wear a ponytail at work.”

User review 10:

User:Rob Krasa  Nation:United States

“Nice product for the 6 weeks that it worked. Battery charging circuit seems to have failed. The headphones Stopped playing off one day and then would not work unless plugged in it to charge. Would not take a charge. Would not stay charged. Really, really disappointed. 5 stars if not for the complete feeling of having wasted money on this purchase. Would have been easier to deal with if the product did not work well for the short time that it did work.

After it failed I tried to register the product but the aftershockz registration page failed to accept my information; gave an error with no indication for what the error was; spent 60 minutes trying to register before giving up. In the end I am left with a feeling that the system is configured to appear to provide service but not allow customers to succeed in receiving service.”

The above are some real user reviews of aftershokz titanium. Overall, the review is very good, with an average score of 4.4/5. It has some shortcomings such as high price and poor function performance. There are all kinds of bone conduction headphones on the market, from which you can find bone conduction headphones with higher cost performance and better function. Among them, Wissonly Hi Runner is a good recommendation.

Wissonly is a headphone brand that attaches great attention on health, and that does not hurt the ears. Their team is also the first one to design non-in-ear headphones that are used to listen to songs. They began to explore the application of bone conduction technology to Bluetooth headphones as early as 10 years ago. After 10 years of accumulation, they have made great progress in the sound quality improvement and sound leakage reduction of bone conduction headphones. And these technologies are applied to their Wissonly Hi Runner headphones, their flagship product.

In order to solve the problem of sound leakage of bone conduction headphones, wissonly developed full closed sound leakage reduction technology. They comprehensively improved the vibration of the headphones, body design, software optimization and other directions. They finally reduced the sound leakage by 90%. In terms of sound quality, most of the bone conduction headphones have average sound quality, but the sound quality of Wissonly Hi Runner is undoubtedly better in bone conduction. They used a large-sized vibration unit, and through structural optimization, and finally increased the effective vibration area, so that the sound range was wide. The official claimed sound quality reach the HIFI level, but I don't think that they reached. They are just close to the HIFI sound quality, which is enough to satisfy me.

The excellent performance of these two characteristics, sound leakage reduction and sound quality, makes Wissonly Hi Runner have the basic conditions to become an excellent bone conduction headphone.

Their other configurations are also very good. They are with a built-in 32GB of memory, and can play music even without connecting the phone. You can use them as an MP3 player. They support IPX8 waterproof level in swimming, even in underwater scenes that do not support Bluetooth, they can be used with MP3 function.