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Best Workout Headphones - Jlab Jbuds Air Sport

Oct 19,2023 | David

A great workout headphone is an indispensable companion in your workout journey. It brings you dynamic music that motivates you to give your all in your workout. Not only that, but the comfortable fit and secure fastening gives you the freedom to challenge yourself to a higher level of intensity. Whether you're running, lifting weights, or doing cardio training, a well-chosen fitness headphone will be your source of motivation throughout. There are many brands on the market that have their own workout headphones, which one are you using or are you picking the best workout headphones for you. Considering the Jlab Jbuds Air Sport? After browsing through a lot of user reviews I've picked out a selection of them, you can refer to the user reviews to determine if the Jlab Jbuds Air Sport meets your workouts needs.

Product Parameter

INCLUDES JBuds Air Sport True Wireless Earbuds, Charging Case with Integrated Charging Cable, 3 Sets Gel Tips, 1 Set Cloud Foam Eartips.
SPEAKER Φ8mm Dynamic, Neodymium Magnet, 20Hz-20kHz, 32 Ω
OUTPUT 103±3db
MICROPHONE 1 Knowles, 2 Silicon, -4.8dB±3 at 1KHz
BATTERY LIFE 9+ hours in each earbud, 44+ hours in case
EARBUD BATTERY 60mAh lithium polymer
RAPID CHARGE 15 min charging = 1 hour playtime
CHARGING CASE BATTERY 930mAh lithium polymer rechargeable
EARBUD DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT 0.88in x 1.07x 2.10in, 8.7g
CASE DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT 3.49in x 2.48in x 1.55in, 76g

Jlab Jbuds Air Sport Review

Product name: Jlab Jbuds Air Sport
Price: $55.99
Rating: 4.1
Where to buy: Amazon


User review 1: ★★★★☆
Users: Gbuster
Countries: United States
Content of comments:
I primary use this headset whenever i go jogging and the fit is just right.. not that snug but doesn't fall either. I just wish the rubber loop that goes behind the ear is thinner so that it doesn't get much in the way whenever i wear sunglasses. One comment though, sometimes only one earpiece gets connected (most of the time the right earpiece) and you have to put the other one back into the case and get it out again to have a successful connection.. it's not that big of a deal... But it's annoying. As to the sound quality...its fair...but volume during phone calls could have been much better.


User review 2: ★★★★★
Users: Irene
Countries: United States
Content of comments:
The battery life is decent. On average they last 6 hours of continuous use before the low battery warning. Great for Zoom meetings. They fit well and are comfortable. The sound quality is fantastic. Not great for if you're in a windy area. Perfect for music.


User review 3: ★★★★★
Users: David
Countries: United States
Content of comments:
These are an amazing and awesome fit. The reason I gave them a 4 star on sound quality is only because these buds doesn't complete cover or go further into the ear to experience the full sound of the music being listened. It is good that they don't so you can hold a great conversation without removing the buds.


User review 4: ★★★★☆
Users: Platinum Falcon
Countries: United States
Content of comments:
The earphones produce a decent sound and does what it does with relative ease. Set up is simple, and the charging case is a nice feature. The audio quality isn't fantastic but its not bad either. I personally like the on-ear clip aesthetic, my only complaint is that after awhile it gets a bit uncomfortable. The tap for volume and answer call is a nice feature but personally I'd personally opt for buttons so as to avoid accidentally adjusting the volume, skipping tracks, or answering that unwanted call from the ex. If you're running a short errand, having a quick workout session, or engaging in some quality study time these buds are great.

User review 5: ★★★★★
Users: Matt Bermenez
Countries: United States
Content of comments:
I had the jlab ear buds and I really liked them. I've used them at work and while bicycling. While bicycling, thew would sometimes work their way out. Eventually I lost one at a busy intersection with train tracks, and nust couldn't find it. So, I searched for another pair and found the jlab sport ear buds. They have not disappointed! Same great sound, plus the be aware mode, plus ear hooks! In the few times I've used them, neither side has wiggled out. When exercising, one of the last things I want to worry about is losing my ability to listen to music.

User review 6: ★★★★★
Users: Raymond Mullins
Countries: United States
Content of comments:
This is by far thee best ear bugs on the market. I've been using them for over 10 years. I lost my first pair in a cab and brought another pair. I even sold my experience with a few family members and friends and they brought them as well. I live in NYC so they knock out the train, police, ambulance, fire trucks, loud music sounds. I also workout and they stay put for every exercise. They're easy to answer calls, play music, end a call control volume etc.

User review 7: ★☆☆☆☆
Users: Amazon Customer
Countries: United States
Content of comments:
I bought this from a nationwide electronics store close to where I live. The product worked well for maybe less than 50 workout uses. I baby these by wiping it before putting it in the case to charge. Now only the left earbud is able to charge. I even tried the 1.5v battery trick. I would avoid buying these


User review 8: ★★★☆☆
Users: OLnGRAY
Countries: United States
Content of comments:
The controls were relatively easy, but as I was doing my cardio workout, either my movement as I was hitting the heavy bag, or my sweat kept activating controls, pausing, switching tracks and adjusting volume. This was annoying and I ended up interrupting my workout to change to my Plantronics Backbeat Go 3 headphones. If they can turn off the controls so they only work from thw phone cool, otherwise, these get one more shot, then they going back.

User review 9: ★★★★★
Users: helpmytv
Countries: United States
Content of comments:
Great value. Good sound. They fit very securely and don’t move at all even during vigorous workout sessions or a run. I wanted a good set of earbuds but did not want to spend hundreds of dollars. I was pleasantly surprised with how perfect these earbuds are for the price I paid.

User review 10: ★★★★★
Users: D.H..
Countries: United States
Content of comments:
Love these earbuds, & they work beautifully to make my exercise workouts at the gym so much more enjoyable! My husband first bought a set and strongly encouraged me to purchase a set due to enjoying his set so much. I did so and am totally pleased with my set! Being a lady, I decided to pay the extra to purchased a white set. So far, these have worked perfectly! The charger is included and everything is contained neatly within the compact case. I love my set and think you will, too!

The Jlab Jbuds Air Sport have many advantages as workout headphones. Firstly, they are comfortable and secure to wear for strenuous movements during exercise and are not easy to drop. In addition, the headphones are equipped with the Be Aware feature, which allows you to listen to ambient sounds for added safety while working out outdoors. Overall, Jlab Jbuds Air Sport provides users with a good workout experience and sound quality enjoyment.
However, there are some drawbacks to be aware of. Firstly, some users have reported that the Bluetooth connection of the headset is unstable and sometimes you need to put it back in the charging case to reconnect. This may affect the user experience. Secondly, some users found the sound quality of the headset to be average in some areas, especially the volume performance during phone calls. The controls of the headset may also need to be improved to avoid accidentally triggering the operation during exercise.
Sudden interruptions in music can be very disruptive to the workout experience, and the Wissonly Hi Runner does a great job with Bluetooth connectivity, and I didn't see users mentioning in their reviews that Bluetooth would suddenly interrupt.


Wissonly Hi Runner’s body is made of titanium, which can self-adjust the fitting position to ensure a good wearing experience for headphones, so that more people can wear it. As the core component of the product, the headphones plays a key role in the product experience. Hi Runner model is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which makes Bluetooth connection faster and more stable. It also has 32GB of built-in storage so you can use it as an MP3 player.
Other parameters of Wissonly Hi Runner are also excellent. For example, the waterproof level reaches IPX8, and you can wear it to swim or even dive. The battery life reaches 8-10 hours, which is very important to me, because I go out for working out on weekends, and I go out for a whole day.
So all in all the Wissonly Hi Runner is one of the best choices for workout headphones.