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Best Headphones For Cycling - Jlab Go Air Pop

Oct 19,2023 | David

For those who love to ride, a great headset can not only spice up the journey but also add to the whole riding experience. When looking for the best headphones for cycling, we have to mention the Jlab Go Air Pop, a headphone that is highly regarded for its versatile sound quality, durable and solid design, and attractive price. In this article, we've selected 10 informative real user reviews to see if it really deserves its reputation as the "best headset for cycling". Does it provide clear sound quality, comfortable fit and a solid connection during cycling? Let's find out how this headset performs on a ride.

Product Parameter

INCLUDES GO Air POP, Comfort Gel Tips
Speaker 6 mm dynamic driver
Output: 103 +/-3 dB
Microphone MEMS -42dB+/-3dB
Bluetooth Version 5.1
Battery Life 8+ hours in each earbud
Total Playtime 32+ hours
Standby 60+ hours
Input Power / Earbud Battery 40mA
Case Charge Battery 350mAh lithium polymer
Case Charge Time 2 Hours
Charge Plug USB-A
Earbud Dimensions & Weight 0.79in x 1.02in x 0.75in, 3.9g
Case Dimensions & Weight 2.42in x 0.98in x 1.6in, 28.5g
IP Rating IPX4

Jlab Go Air Pop

Product name: Jlab Go Air Pop
Price: $24.88
Rating: 4.4
Where to buy: Amazon



User review 1: ★★★★★
Users: robotfish
Countries: United Kingdom
Content of comments:
Not as good sonically as my favourite buds (Technics AZ60) but these are way less expensive. They sound great, last for ages, and can be work one at a time.
That last point is great for long cycle rides where you want security (they fit well and are so light) but don't want all your hearing gone!
The claims of battery life (8/32) is realistic.
The box is small, and really these look great! Totally recommended.

User review 2:★★★★★
Users: Candice M. Wagner
Countries: United States
Content of comments:
I’m a trained audio professional but also a very frugal person! Not wanting to give into the Apple or Beats fascination, these are a great substitute! Sound it great for what I do, riding my bike or exercising. I wouldn’t use them for phone calls for work, but that’s a personal tech knowledge choice. They actually stay in my ears which almost never happens. I’d probably just as happy with apple Pods or beats, but if your just looking for a wireless set that’ll do the job and then this is a STEAL!! Battery life yet to be tested.

User review 3:★★★☆☆
Users: luis
Countries: United States
Content of comments:
They sometimes randomly disconnect, they disconnected on me when I was riding my bike around. Overall not bad, I’ve had them for 2 days sometimes they disconnect when your going fast on a bike or maybe Longboarding/skating if you change the EQ in a app that has EQ settings the earbuds will stop working if this happens to you just forget them on bluetooth and reconnect them.

User review 4:★★★★★
Users: maria h moscarelli
Countries: United States
Content of comments:
I use them when I ride my bike and garden....they are comfortable and fit well without constantly falling out. Sound is real good -when riding if windy (riding down hill) is only time there is sound issue. This is my second pair. I lost the base to first ones riding never had to charge in a years use. The charger is conveniently attached to base - no looking for wires. Install is easy for non tech savy person...very happy with this and it doesn't break the bank...

User review 5:★★★★★
Users: Anastasiia
Countries: United Kingdom
Content of comments:
I really like those ones. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a stuff I’m not going to use for a long while. So it has good sound, excellent battery life and nice design. Also it’s comfortable to wear ( I was riding a bike and they were in my ears all the way long. Perfect) would suggest if someone asks).

User review 6:★★★☆☆
Users: L C
Countries: United States
Content of comments:
I bought these after reading many reviews and thought they were a good buy for the money. I ride a motorcycle and lost my faved jellypops Saturday after 2 years.
I sat down today to pair them and work the co tools and could not get volume to work. I googled the issue to see what I was doing wrong and tomsguide review came up. His main con was that 90% of the time the volume in the right mixes up with pause. Going back.

User review 7:★★★★★
Users: Re K
Countries: United States
Content of comments:
Battery life lasts me through an 8 hour shift plus the hour and some change bus ride to work. I usually get the whole low battery notifacation before I leave and switch out what earbud I'm using. The sound is good, though touch commands are a little finicky to figure out, tried to rapidly turn up my volume just to bass boost System Of A Down directly into my eardrums. I was surprised at first by the noise cancellation but its good when I need it. Over all pretty pleased with these. I use them literally all the time.

User review 8: ★★★★★
Users: Hector Reyes
Countries: United States
Content of comments:
Best bang for your buck. They're the best buds you can get for 20$ they last a long time and the sound quality is amazing, I ride motorcycles and mine are loud but with one on I can slap my music and still be aware of my surroundings while I'm riding. I've used them in the shower and even washed one and they still work good. Try em out, can't go wrong for 20$.

User review 9: ★★★★★
Users: Savannah
Countries: United States
Content of comments:
Must buy!! These headphones are a must buy, the sound quality is amazing and the battery life is better took these on a trip to orlando 16 hour drive there and back didn't charge once and it lasted all the trip plus the rides ( i would listen to music while sleeping so i slept about 8-10 hours) would recommend to anyone.

User review 10: ★★★★★
Users: Kayt de Hoyos
Countries: United States
Content of comments:
Absolutely love. I have very small ears and have never found ear pods that would fit and stay in my ears.
I’m now buying my Husband some because in his opinion, after using them on a plane ride, they are just as good as his $200 pair.
Very happy about this purchase and I love that the charger is connected to the charging dock!

Selected images from user reviews:


Compared to some high-end branded headphones, the Jlab Go Air Pop is more affordable, but still performs well in terms of sound quality for those who don't want to spend a lot of money. Many users appreciated the comfort of wearing the Jlab Go Air Pop for long rides and other sports, and that they don't fall off easily. A few users reported that the headphones may disconnect during rides, which may affect the user experience. Some users feel that the touch operation of the headset is sometimes not very sensitive and may take some time to get used to.
Overall, the Jlab Go Air Pop headphones are affordable, have excellent sound quality for users on a budget, and are comfortable and solid for long rides and other sports. However, some users may experience connectivity issues and less responsive touch operation. Compared to Jlab Go Air Pop, Wissonly Hi Runner has better stability of Bluetooth connection and touch sensitivity, which makes it more convenient and free to use.


The skin-friendly silicone material of the Wissonly Hi Runner body is a product that can be in contact with the skin for a long time. It is naturally a better choice and feels good to the touch. Because the entire headphone is made of skin-friendly material, it is very comfortable to wear. Even if you wear glasses, you can still hang it firmly on your ears. The headphone frame uses memory titanium, which has the advantage of being stretchable and lightweight.
Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones are also equipped with a new Bluetooth 5.0 chip that has stronger anti-interference ability, that can easily cope with various complex outdoor scenes, and ensures the good mood during exercise is not disturbed by disconnection. At the same time, the stable connection also brings low latency performance, and there is no problem in listening to songs, following dramas, and playing games. What's more, they have 32G of built-in memory that can store 5,000 songs. This helps you to enjoy music when you are exercising outdoors without your phone.
So for cycling users looking for the stability of Bluetooth connectivity and touch sensitivity Wissonly Hi Runner Bone Conduction Headset is a better choice.