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Best 7 Swimming Headphones in 2023|How to Choose Headphones for Swimming?

Aug 29,2023 | David

I remember a friend asked me a few days ago: Are there any headphones that can be worn when swimming?

I expressed my shock to my friend when I heard this question. Do I still need to wear headphones for swimming? Are there any headphones that are so waterproof?

Later, I found out that there are many swimming headphones. There are many big brands in the market, such as Sony, and well-known bone conduction headphone brands such as Wissonly and SHOKZ, all of which are making swimming headphones.

Sometimes, whether we are running or exercising, we like to listen to rhythmic music. One is that they can help us maintain the rhythm of exercise, and the other is that they can increase the excitement of our exercise and make us more powerful as we practice. Listening to some music while training, we will not feel so bored, so this can also improve the persistence of exercise.

Swimming is the same, listening to music while swimming is also a kind of enjoyment.

Before choosing swimming headphones, let's first understand what bone-conduction headphones are.

There are two main categories of headphones: bone conduction and air conduction (commonly used Bluetooth, noise reduction). Bone conduction is more suitable for sports people because of its non-ear characteristics.

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The selection of swimming headphones is nothing more than the following points:

1. Not easy to drop. The pain of wearing Air Pod or Air Pods while exercising, you will know it once you experience it!

2. Comfortable to wear. After wearing sports headphones for an hour or two, the ears are prone to discomfort. In this case, it is better to use the stereo!

3. Able to hear ambient sounds to ensure personal safety. Especially when exercising outdoors, it is especially important to observe the surrounding environment!

4. High water resistance. One is sweating a lot during exercise, the other is that the weather is uncertain for a long time outdoors, and the third is that it may be used for swimming!

 It is especially important to pay attention to water resistance when choosing swimming headphones compared to choosing ordinary headphones. Next, let's take a look at how to choose a suitable swimming headset.

 1. Water resistance

As a swimming headphones, waterproof must be good. Generally speaking, only headphones with a waterproof level above IPX8 can be used for swimming. The second digit of IPXX: is the protection against liquids, the "water resistance" factor. (The higher the number the stronger the protection, they are maxed at 8)

 Description of waterproof level:

IPX0: no protection.

IPX1: Drip-proof type I vertically falling water droplets have no harmful effect.

IPX2: Anti-drip type II, water droplets falling within 15 degrees from the vertical direction will have no harmful effects.

IPX3: Rain-proof type Rainfall within 60 degrees from the vertical direction has no harmful effects.

IPX4: Splash-proof No harmful effects by splashing water from any direction.

IPX5: Spray-proof type No harmful effects from direct water jets from any direction.

IPX6: Water-resistant type, it will not enter the interior if it is directly sprayed by water from any direction

IPX7: Soak-proof type Even if immersed in water under specified conditions, it will not enter the interior.

IPX8: Underwater type, it can still be used after being submerged in water with a certain pressure for a long time.

IPX9: Moisture-proof type Can be used in humidity below 90% relative humidity.

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Headphones with a waterproof rating above level 8 are suitable for swimming, but for diving, further consideration is needed.

 2. Self-contained memory

Water greatly weakens electromagnetic waves, so there is basically no Bluetooth signal when the headset is underwater. Therefore, when we choose swimming headphones, we need to choose the ones with built-in memory, so that we can listen to songs without connecting to the mobile phone. Looking for headphones that are suitable for both swimming and general exercise. Headphones that can be connected via Bluetooth and have built-in memory are the best choices.

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3. Stability

When swimming with headphones on, the stability of the headphones is important. In the process of swimming, it is necessary to ensure that the headphones will not fall off, so swimming headphones usually adopt a rear-hanging design, and some are ear clip-type designs. The choice of these two designs is entirely based on the wearer's own needs. Of course, the stability of the rear-mounted type is generally higher than that of the ear clip type.

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4. Wearing comfort

As a swimming headphone, wearing comfort is also very important. After all, listening to music while swimming is to enjoy the body and mind. If the headphones are uncomfortable, they will become a burden.

When purchasing swimming headphones, try to choose headphones made of skin-friendly silicone, which are more comfortable to wear. And the flexibility of the rear hanging is better so that the head will not be pinched.

 5. Other parameters

In addition to the points mentioned above, sound quality and battery life are also parts we should consider when purchasing swimming headphones. After all, swimming with headphones with good sound quality is more enjoyable, and the long battery life will not affect the user experience because the headphones run out of power during swimming.

 FYI: Bone conduction is different from in-ear headphones. Many factors affect the sound quality of them. Even your skull is one of them, so everyone's hearing experience will be slightly different.

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Today I just have time to do a comprehensive evaluation of the 5 swimming headphones in my hand combined with user reviews on Amazon to see which type of headphones is more suitable for swimming. I hope this can help you find a low-cost high-end sports headphone that suits you best!

After so many days of trial, I was impressed by Wissonly Hi Runner! This headphone can not only be used for swimming in the water but also for outdoor running and indoor fitness. During my testing, there was no delay or disconnection on the Bluetooth connection. In terms of built-in storage capacity, its official description can download 5,000 songs. I haven't measured the capacity, but there is no problem downloading thousands of songs, and there is no lag in the whole process of swimming underwater for 2 hours. Amazing!

They feature a built-in reverse acoustic system and a fully enclosed design, which reduces sound leakage by 90%. They have a very good sense of deep bass, even when I'm underwater it doesn't affect them too much, and they don't sizzle. For those who pay attention to sound quality, Wissonly Hi Runner is a very good choice!

Option 1: Wissonly Hi Runner

Price: $99.99

Weight: 27g

Sound quality: Wissonly bone conduction headphones are one of the few headphones with core bone conduction technology. Hi Runner has the best listening experience with clear sound and powerful volume. Built-in reverse sound wave system and fully enclosed design can reduce 90% sound leakage.

Protection level: IPX8

Battery life: 12h

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Recommended reason:

1. Wissonly Hi Runner has been fully upgraded in terms of wearing experience, sound quality, noise reduction, sound leakage prevention, battery life, etc., and has strong performance.

2. IPX8 waterproof level, with excellent waterproof and sweat proof performance, it can still work normally under the water depth of 20 meters.It is the right headphones for swimming.

3. It comes with 32G memory, which can hold 5000 songs, and you can listen to songs without connecting to a mobile phone.

4. Bluetooth + MP3 two playback modes, the headset provides Bluetooth 5.0 connection, which can adapt to most brands of mobile phones and computers.

5. The battery capacity of Wissonly bone conduction headphones is 230mAh, which can play music continuously for 10 hours (50-60% volume).

6. It’s magnetically charged, easy to clean, safer more reliable.


1. Like all non-in-ear headphones, the noise reduction effect will be worse.


Option 2: Sony (SONY) NW-WS413

Price: $131.20

Weight: 32g

Sound quality: Sony's headphones, the sound quality is not bad

Memory: 4g

Protection level: IPX5/IPX8

Battery life: 12h

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Recommended reason:

1. This headphone can be regarded as Sony's popular sports headset, and its sales and reputation are very good.

2. With the use of professional swimming earplugs, the water resistance can reach level 8, plus the built-in 4g memory, it is no problem to wear swimming.

3. The weight of 32g is still light, in line with ergonomic design, and it is relatively stable to wear and can keep you comfortable for a long time.

Generally speaking, it is a swimming headphone with balanced performance and relatively high-cost performance.


1. You must use the attached swimming earplugs to have high water resistance.

2. There is no Bluetooth function, it can only be used as an MP3 player, and it is not convenient to listen to newly released songs in daily use.


Option 3: SHOKZ OpenSwim Swimming MP3

Price: $149.95

Weight: 30g

Sound quality: remiuimpitch2.0 optimizes the sound quality, three-band equalization, and the sound effect is surging

Memory: 4g

Protection class: IP68

Battery life: 8h

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Recommended reason:

1. The swimming bone conduction headphones launched by SHOKZ can be switched to swimming mode when swimming. They are excellent swimmers and can be submerged in two meters of water for up to two hours.

2. Excellent sound quality and strong battery life.

3. Can perform simple commands (such as play, skip, pause, and rewind tracks), and enjoy music lap after lap.


1. It cannot be used for calls, and the function is a bit single.

2. There is also no Bluetooth connection, and it can only be used as an MP3 player.

 Option 4: H2O Audio Sonar PRO

Price: $159.99

Weight: 141.7g

SOUND QUALITY: H2O Audio bone conduction speakers provide all-day comfort and superior sound quality underwater.

Memory: 8g

Protection level: IPX8

Battery life: 7h

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Recommended reason:

1. Large battery capacity, which can accommodate more than 7 hours of playback time.

2. H2O Audio app, you can use H2O Audio's app to manage music or drag and drop music, podcasts, and recordings from your computer.

3. It can be seamlessly connected with any Bluetooth device (iOS and Android), and the underwater wireless Bluetooth range is about 3 inches.


1. Heavy, slightly less comfortable to wear for a long time.

2. Must be used with goggles, there is no way you can wear them over your ears.


Option 5: UooEA Bone Conduction Waterproof Swimming Headphones

Price: $89.99

Weight: 29g

Sound Quality: Premium Bass

Memory: 16g

Protection class: IP65/IP68

Battery life: 12h

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Recommended reason:

1. The bone conduction Bluetooth headset is ergonomically designed and fits closely behind the ear. Long-term wearing will not make the ear swell, and it will not slip during long-term running or swimming.

2. The built-in 16GB large-capacity memory card can be used as an MP3 player. At the same time, it can be used with a Bluetooth connection and can call voice assistants.


1. Bluetooth cannot work underwater.


Option 6: beats POWERBEATS PRO

Price: $199.95

Sound Quality: Powerful, balanced sound with dynamic range and noise isolation

Protection level: IPX4

Battery life: 9h

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Recommended reason:

1. The white version of the true wireless Bluetooth sports headphones launched by Beats is really good-looking, and the ear-hook version will not fall off easily. It is the best smart interaction among the three.

2. Equipped with the Apple H1 chip, it can perfectly match the iPhone, and Siri can also respond to the control. They can be said to be the simple sports version of Airpods and can be connected to iPad and Macs. It is equipped with a pop-up connection with an out-of-warehouse, power display, automatic pairing out of the out-of-warehouse, support for voice calls, buttons to adjust volume, and switch songs, it is easy for Apple mobile phone users to use!

3. Non-slip ear hooks, the ear hooks are adjustable and can be matched with earplugs of different sizes. My girlfriend's ears are relatively small, and the in-ear headphones she usually wears always fall out. It is very suitable to replace them with these small earplugs and ear hooks.

4. The sound quality of the in-ear type is acceptable, and the sound quality is compared with the non-in-ear bone conduction. Because it is in-ear, it comes with a certain degree of "noise reduction", and the sound quality will sound clearer. However, if you compare it with headphones like AirPods, the sound quality is relatively average, to be honest. It still depends on what you need to buy headphones. Compared with this headset, it is positioned as a sports headset.


1. The earplugs close the ear canal. Although it is advertised as a sports headphone, this is an in-ear headphone with an ear hook. If the ear canal is closed, it is unsafe for outdoor sports, especially after sweating. The feeling of stuffiness is very uncomfortable.

2. The water resistance is too low. The water resistance of this model is only IPX4, and it only has Bluetooth mode. It cannot be used by MP3 players, so it is not useful to wear them. And for sports headphones, the water resistance is really low, and they can resist daily sweating, so be careful when using them.

 On the whole, for short-term indoor sports, the applicability of this headphone can reach 70 points, but if it cannot be used outdoors and swimming, it is very limited. You can choose whether to buy them according to your own needs.


Option 7: Sony ws623

Price: $164.99

Weight: 32g

Sound quality: Sony's characteristic ambient sound mode, when turned on, you can hear the sound of the surrounding environment, which is very good.

Memory: 4g

Protection level: IPX5/8

Battery life: 12h

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1. Support MP3 player + Bluetooth mode. It is also a headset that is mainly used for one machine and two purposes. Although the Bluetooth version is not marked, I did not find any delay in disconnection during the actual test, so the version should be above 5.0. no problem.

2. The waterproof is IP68, the memory is 4G, and Sony is in-ear, so the listening experience on land and underwater is the same, and I feel pretty good.

3. Ambient sound mode, this is also a special feature of Sony, mainly to solve the shortcoming of "in-ear", the ambient sound mode uses the built-in microphones on the left and right sides to allow you to hear the surrounding ambient sound to a certain extent. I tried it, and I could indeed hear some after opening it, which I was pleasantly surprised by!


1. Stethoscope effect, it is not very comfortable to wear, it keeps ringing when walking, and it is easy to fall off if there is a big impact underwater. In addition, they are earplugs. When you are running or cycling outdoors, your ears are completely blocked. It is hot and stuffy, and there is a buzzing noise. It is uncomfortable!

2. The volume is not easy to control. During breaststroke, the sound of getting in and out of the water is loud, and the sound of exhaling is loud, which is not clear enough, so I will turn up the volume. But when it comes to the water, it is too loud and annoying.

On the whole, although Sony’s model can be used in one machine, it still needs to be improved in terms of comfort and can be included as an option, but it is not recommended to buy it directly.


The seven headphones introduced above all have their advantages. Among them, beats POWERBEATS PRO is not suitable for waterproofing as swimming earphones, but it is undeniable that they are excellent for other outdoor sports headphones. The remaining six models have their advantages as swimming headphones. You can choose from the following aspects according to your own needs: whether you need memory, Bluetooth dual mode, the required memory size, battery life, how to wear the earphone, etc. After the comprehensive evaluation, I chose Wissonly Hi Runner as a daily swimming headphone. In the evaluation, the sound quality, comfort, and battery life of these headphones are quite good.