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Are Bone Conduction Headphones Stupid Tax Product and How Do They Work?

Dec 14,2022 | Sylvia

Let me talk about the conclusion first, the real bone conduction headphones are definitely not a stupid tax product, and the fake ones are. It should be noted that this type of headphones are a new product. At present, some brands without technical strength in the market will use air-conduction headphones to pretend to be bone conduction headphones, and they will make the appearance of air-conduction headphones infinitely close to bone conduction headphones. To make matters worse, some merchants will even claim that this is an upgraded version of bone conduction headphones. Consumers who bought this kind of fake bone conduction headphones must have had a bad experience, so they finally came to the wrong judgment that they are stupid tax product.

Bone conduction headphones are actually a new product based on old technology, and their working principles basically belong to existing scientific facts. After the famous composer Beethoven became deaf, he discovered a new way to hear through bone conduction, and found a way to hear the sound of the piano through his jawbone by attaching a rod to his piano and biting it with his teeth. tighten it. This is the earliest application of bone conduction technology. This case of Beethoven proves that sound can reach our auditory system through another medium than the eardrum, which is our bones.

The working principle of bone conduction headphones is completely different from the headphones we usually use, as shown in the figure below. The sound is transmitted directly through the skull to the auditory nerve, instead of being transmitted to the eardrum through air vibration like ordinary headphones, and then transmitted to the auditory nerve through the ear canal.

how do bone conduction headphones works

In our daily life, there are many cases of bone conduction sound transmission. For example, if you scratch your hair, knock your teeth, or chew a biscuit, you can perceive the sound. It is because the sound is transmitted to the auditory nerve through the skull, which is the basic principle of bone conduction.

In general, bone conduction headphones can protect hearing to a certain extent. Because you don’t need to use your eardrums to hear the sound. And people with hearing loss like Beethoven can hear music through bone conduction headphones, which once again shows that they are not stupid tax products.

At present, bone conduction headphones are still a new type of product, and the market is still relatively small. Some fake bone conduction headphones pretend to be genuine products, so it is recommended that you try to choose well-known brand products when purchasing. After more than 2 years of long-term testing and experience, I would recommend wissonly and Aftershokz. Here are a few better bone conduction headphones for your reference:

1. Wissonly Hi Runner Bone Conduction Headphones

Recommended reason:

The Wissonly team has relatively strong technical strength. They have 10 years of experience in the research and development of bone conduction products, which is the basis for making good products. Wissonly focuses on the concept of being healthy and enjoying good sound quality. It is a headphone brand that does not hurt the ears, and it is also the first brand to propose the concept of listening to music without being in the ear. The design of Hi Runner is completely non-in-ear, which can reduce the damage to the eardrum. Its surface is made of silicone skin-friendly material, which is very safe and comfortable to wear.

Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones have made a lot of improvements in sound quality and leak-proof sound. The official claims that its sound quality has reached the Hi-Fi level. I’ve actually tested them and think they sound really good, but not really Hi-Fi, just close. This kind of sound quality is good enough in the field of bone conduction headphones, and so far, I have not encountered a product that can surpass its sound quality. In order to solve the sound leakage problem of bone conduction Bluetooth headphones, wissonly has developed a fully closed sound leakage prevention technology, which has improved the vibration unit of the headset, body design, software optimization, etc., and finally reduced the sound leakage by 90%.

Other configurations of the headphones are also very good, for example, they have 32G memory, IPX8 waterproof level, 5.0 Bluetooth connection protocol, 10-hour ultra-long battery life, and so on. If you want to know more information, you can go to its official website.

2. AfterShokz Openrun Pro Bone Conduction Headphones

Recommended reason:

AfterShokz Openrun Pro bone conduction headphones are made of warm and skin-friendly silicone material and are worn with open ears, making them very comfortable to wear. With the help of the CVC noise reduction algorithm, the human voice you hear through them is relatively clear during a call, and basically, it will not be affected by external sounds. At the same time, it also uses the Bluetooth 5.0 version, which makes the Bluetooth connection more stable and brings lower power consumption. However, Openrun Pro specializes in “sports use”, and sound quality is not its core.

3. NANK Runner CC2 Bone Conduction Headphones

Recommended reason:

Runner CC2 adopts an open binaural design, you can just hang it next to your ear to hear the sound. Their exterior materials are made of aviation-grade materials, and there is no hard plastic feeling at all, so there is no sense of oppression when worn. Also, the flexibility of the headphones is excellent. The entire fuselage is made of high-strength titanium alloy, so you don’t have to worry about misfolding. They are equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 chip, which can support call noise reduction and make the Bluetooth connection stable.

4. Newmine GE06 Bone Conduction Headphones

Recommended reason:

Newmine GE06 bone conduction headphone adopts an ergonomic design, which fits the ear shape very well when worn. They use a small-sized “dynamic vibration unit” so they have enhanced processing in terms of sound quality. Its button design is very reasonable, user-friendly, and easy to operate. The right headphone is also equipped with a breathing light, which will light up as long as it is turned on, which can improve the safety of night running. It also has 16G of memory and can be used as an MP3 player.

5. MOING DG08 Bone Conduction Headphones

Recommended reason:

The battery capacity of MOING DG08 bone conduction headphones is average, and the sound quality is relatively ordinary. Those who do not require high music effects can choose them. They’re entry-level bone conduction headphones that are good enough for daily life. Their battery life is about 6 hours, and they come with 8G memory, which can store about 500 songs, which can basically meet your daily listening needs.

Although the bone conduction Bluetooth headphones are a niche in the headphone market, they have the characteristics of not hurting the ear, which is an advantage that ordinary headsets do not have. You might consider giving it a try.