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[2023] Detailed Introduction of Equipment for Cycling and Main Points of Buying

Sep 01,2023 | David

In recent years, cycling as a low-carbon, environmentally friendly and healthy way of sports, an increasing number of people participate in this sport. Cycling is definitely a good fitness exercise, but we can't just ride hard, but also learn the correct riding posture so as not to cause physical harm to ourselves. In addition, having a good set of cycling equipment will bring you safety and health during riding. Below we will introduce you in detail the various equipment for cycling and the main points of purchase.

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Helmet for cycling

 Wearing a helmet during cycling will not only make you look more professional and handsome, but also provide protection for the fragile head, so it is an indispensable equipment for cyclists.

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Helmets can prevent collision, as well as prevent branches and leaves from hitting it, divert rainwater, breathe, and speed up. Helmets with brims protect against the sun, and reflective marks on the helmet can also prevent accidental bumps when cycling at night.


Helmets are generally made of ordinary or high-density foam materials with different anti-collision effects, with smooth shell surfaces.


The helmet should not be too heavy, generally weighing between 200g and 300g, so the helmet used for cycling will not be made of alloy material.

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The part of the helmet that is in contact with the head has a good lining, which can improve wearing comfort when cycling and cushion the head when hit.

 Wearing comfort

Helmet selection is mainly based on the weight and lining of the helmet to consider whether it is suitable, wearing a comfortable helmet can greatly reduce the pressure on the cyclist's head and neck, and maximize the protection effect in the event of an impact.

Air permeability

Prolonged head breathlessness can have an adverse impact on the scalp and can also make cyclists feel uncomfortable. Therefore, a good helmet has a large number of air holes or a large area to improve breathability.

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Wind resistance effect

The helmet can reduce the wind resistance of the head, and for friends who are keen to increase the speed of cycling, the influence of the shape of the helmet on the wind resistance is worth paying attention to.


Semi-helmet helmets without brims are divided into road and road mountain use. The full-helmet helmet for cycling is similar to the helmet used for motorcycle riding and is generally used by enthusiasts who like to ride slowly.


TREK Ballista Mips Road Bike Helmet

 Reasons for recommendation:

When speed is at the top of your list, choose this helmet that can cut through the wind to save you time. It's incredibly lightweight and comfortable, with a fully integrated Mips Air safety system designed to help reduce rotational forces and help you ride safer.

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The Ballista is the fastest and most aerodynamically advanced helmet for the Trek. Its excellent ventilation system makes this aerodynamic helmet surprisingly cool and comfortable, and the rubber sunglasses provide safe and easy-to-use storage space for the interface.

 The helmet's rubberized sunglasses docking port provides secure and easy-to-use storage. With a weight of only 275 grams, its minimalist and understated design makes this faster helmet lighter than ever before, good equipment for providing a better riding experience for cyclists.

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Sunglasses for cycling

As an important piece of equipment in cycling, sunglasses used for cycling are just as important as helmets, and they are cool equipment for cycling, especially when used with helmets and headphones.

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In addition to the common role of general sports sunglasses, the role of sunglasses used for cycling deserves special attention in blocking ultraviolet radiation. Most cyclists prefer to ride on the road, and when the sun is strong, the road reflects the sunlight better than mud and grass.

 Due to the different postures used for cycling, mountain bikers have more time to look directly at the road than ordinary bicycles, which will receive more ultraviolet reflections, and long-term absorption of ultraviolet rays by the eyes will easily cause eye diseases. In addition, most friends who like cycling have experienced tears in their eyes being blown by the wind and foreign objects in their eyes, so sunglasses for cycling can greatly protect your eyes from these injuries.

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Purchase options

Sunglasses for cycling pay more attention to the comfort of wearing, which is related to its texture and size. At the same time, the choice of lenses for glasses is also very important, and the light transmittance and UV protection effect of lenses of different colors and textures are different. If you are going to face different effects of sunlight during riding, choosing a pair of sunglasses with spare lenses in different colors is the best choice.


Although ordinary sunglasses can block ultraviolet rays and strong light, but as their casual shape, they are not as effective as sunglasses used for cycling in blocking wind and foreign objects from entering the eyes.


NorthWave Galaxy Sunglasses

 Reasons for recommendation:

Founded in Italy in 1978, Northwave has been selling its products in 45 countries for more than 30 years. The simple and stylish Italian design of these sunglasses is different from the semi-curved design of the sunglasses frames that are usually used for cycling. NorthWave Galaxy Sunglasses is super light, weighing only 30g, which is rich in lens matching options, and three pairs of lenses correspond to different brightness riding environments.

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NorthWave Galaxy Sunglasses are comfortable in light transmission, according to the European face design in the fit. There is a gap between the upper part of the frame and the face, the softness and hardness of the nose pad is moderate. In addition, the overall wearing comfort is strong. At the same time, the built-in foam bushing can effectively reduce the flow of sweat into the lenses, making it a comprehensive all-round sunglasses for cycling.


Gloves for cycling

This is an indispensable piece of equipment for cycling.


The three functions of sweat absorption, breathability and anti-slip complement each other. When the bicycle is in a high-speed state of movement, the cyclist's control effect on the bicycle depends on the friction of the gloves, so the exquisite gloves for cycling have a strong anti-slip effect.

 Breathability depends on the material used and the size of the glove. The protection of the palm is mainly reflected in the riding accident, and the rider often touches the ground with the palm first to make the body land slowly. If there is no glove for protection, such actions are easy to wear the palm and seriously damage the joint.

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In fact, the wrist joint is in a state of tension for a long time as cyclists use different sitting positions and grips than casual cycling, and the negative effects on nerves and tendons are lifelong. Therefore, the special function of gloves used for cycling is to minimize the compression of the wrist joint, which is just consistent with the cycling posture of the cyclist.

 Purchase options

Gloves for cycling are divided into two types: covering half finger and covering full finger, and try to choose a strong stitch part and a thick palm material when purchasing. Some gloves have a towel material added to the thumb to facilitate sweat absorption and give the cyclist a better experience.


Bontrager Circuit Cycling Glove

Reasons for recommendation:

The glove's strategically placed silicone and gel foam pads evenly distribute pressure and provide vibration control to ensure comfort throughout the ride. It features a textured suede palm face that gives you a greater grip during high-intensity workouts and in adverse weather conditions, giving you the ideal texture and durability to boost your cycling confidence.

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Its unique padded design allows for a thinner and lighter appearance and a better connection to the bike. When the body gets hot during cycling, the thumb is designed to absorb sweat, and the soft, breathable and stretchy Lycra mesh fabric keeps the hand cool. Its hook-and-loop closure allows riders to better adjust the fit, and the special design on the middle and ring fingers makes it easy to remove gloves.

Backpack for cycling

It's a quick sweat wicker and practical equipment that can hold a lot of things for cycling.

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 Purchase options

1.Carrying system: A backpack is an equipment that is carried on the back and bears a certain weight. A reasonable carrying system can effectively break down the pressure of weight on the body, reducing the fatigue of the human body and protecting the body from injury. The carrying system generally consists of shoulder straps, waist belts, and chest straps. The area where the shoulder belt comes into contact with the body should be soft, breathable, and weight-bearing. The elasticity of the shoulder straps and waistband can be adjusted freely.

 2.Perspiration system: There are two main types of sweat wicking structures in the use of well-designed backpacks. One is a ventilation structure and the other is a breathable structure. The ventilation structure is mainly through a mesh lattice and the back contact, and there is also a large gap between the grid and the backpack, so that the sweat of the back during exercise is easily discharged with the air. Another structure is a breathable structure, and there is a special foam material in the contact part of the backpack, which has good sweat wicking and breathability. Basically, the dryness of the back is guaranteed.

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3.Fluorescent structure: Many backpacks used for cycling use fluorescent materials in some parts, which can ensure that the cyclist in front is easy to be detected by the driver driving behind.

 4.Water bladder: placed inside the backpack and extended to the mouth through a tube, it can ensure that the user can easily drink water anytime and anywhere. Many backpacks used for cycling have a structure with water bladders, and there are prominent signs on the backpacks, and different brands of backpacks have different labels.

 5.Waterproof structure: Waterproof is an important indicator for choosing a backpack for cycling. Now many backpacks have PU waterproof treatment for the fabric, but the disadvantage is that the seams and zippers are not waterproof, so some backpacks also provide a rainproof cover.


Montane Trailblazer LT 20L Backpack

 Reasons for recommendation:

Montane is a brand from the UK that has a reputation for making lightweight and breathable outdoor gear. Designed for short hikers, trail runners and cyclists, this Trailblazer LT outdoor backpack features a tight fit and a variety of convenient storage options. The main material of the Trailblazer is 40D rip-stop nylon, and the back pad and shoulder strap part are composed of polyester.

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The backpack fits perfectly, with chest straps and customizable lumbar harnesses designed for efficient weight distribution and shifting loads away from the shoulders. For short-distance activities, hydration bags are a must, and this Trailblazer 20L weighs 300g, making it suitable for people riding outdoors for long periods of time, especially during the warm season.


Headphones for cycling

What headphones are suitable for riding? We all know that traditional in-ear headphones, whether wired or wireless, require earbuds to be inserted into the ear canal to listen to great music. However, its disadvantage is that the ears will feel tired if worn for a long time, which is not conducive to cycling and low safety factor.

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The bone conduction headphones can transmit sound through vibration without extending the headphone speaker into the ear canal. The process is simple and pure, and can truly restore the sound. The most important thing is that it will be safer when cycling and listening to music, maintaining awareness of your surroundings and improving the safety of outdoor sports.


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Safety: In-ear features improve the safety of outdoor riding.

Health: Traditional in-ear headphones are prone to bacteria depositing inside, while bone conduction headphones have an open-ear design that is easy to clean and healthier.

 Lightweight and comfortable: Bone conduction headphones are small in size and lightweight, making them more suitable for sports scenarios.

 Purchase options

1. Wearing comfort

First of all, the first thing to pay attention to when wearing is comfort, which needs to be selected according to the surface material of the headset body, and it can generally be divided into solid silicone and liquid silicone. Solid silicone is in a solid state, with low transparency and poor elasticity, while liquid silicone is generally used for medical grade supplies, with good fluidity and high transparency.

 2. Sound quality effects

When choosing bone conduction headphones, the sound quality experience is a problem that cannot be ignored, which can determine the quality of a headset, and the key lies in the performance of the vibration unit. When the vibration unit is large, the sound quality released will be more fulfilling, under this condition, the sound will be clearer than that of the small vibration unit.

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3. Waterproof rating

In most cases, people will sweat during daily life, work or sports, so we need to pay attention to the waterproof level of the fuselage when choosing bone conduction headphones, and consider whether it can resist erosion from rain and sweat. Different waterproof levels have different resistance. Therefore, try to choose bone conduction headphones above IPX6 waterproof level may be a better option .


WISSONLY Hi Runner Bone Conduction Headphones

 Reasons for recommendation:

WISSONLY Hi Runner bone conduction headphone is a wireless ear-hanging type bone conduction headphones which supports Bluetooth mode and MP3 mode dual playback. If you are not convenient to carry the mobile phone or the mobile phone can not receive the signal when cycling outdoors, you can use the MP3 mode and enjoy music while cycling. It weighs only 28 grams and will not feel heavy when worn. The surface of the headphone is made of soft and skin-friendly silicone material in safety with better wearing comfort and the price is only $99.99.

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This headset is extremely powerful, built-in equipped with 32G of extra-large memory, and can store 5000 songs. Its battery life is strong and can listen to songs for 8 to 10 hours continuously, making it suitable for long outdoor cycling sessions. Its overall frame is made of adjustable aviation-grade titanium steel material, strong bending resistance, which can adapt to different sizes of head circumference and will not fall off when riding, as well as working well with sunglasses and helmets used for cycling.

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WISSONLY Hi Runner bone conduction headphone also has an IPX8 waterproof rating, so it can be used normally on rainy days or under sweat when exercising. This allows you to have a better experience during the cycling and the headphones will not be scrapped due to sweat erosion. The open-ear design of this headset allows you to hear the surrounding environment during cycling, making it safer and more hygienic. The only disadvantage is that wind noise is easy to hear during cycling, but this headset is inexpensive and enjoyable, and the overall advantages outweigh the disadvantages.



 Cycling is a sport that tests endurance and care, so be sure to bring some necessary equipment. Avoid bringing some extra items as this will greatly increase your burden on the road. If you like to listen to music while cycling, then the Wissonly Hi Runner headphones are sure to meet your needs. Finally, I hope that everyone can wear the equipment used for cycling correctly and have the cognition and awareness to protect ourselves from getting injuries.