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【2023 New】Detailed List of Gear for Cycling

Oct 27,2023 | David

With the sun shining in summer, it's a great opportunity to start an outdoor bike cycling and get out and get some fresh air. So if you want to go out and ride, in addition to owning a road bike for cycling, what gear do you need to bring for outdoor riding? Here's a detailed list of gear for cycling, get these gear for cycling, and make it easier for you to ride.

Cycle Gear Helmet |A

A helmet is the most important personal gear for cycling. There are many different helmets types on the market, and cyclists should choose the helmet that suits them best according to their head shape. The normal version of the helmet has an oval shape, while the Asian version will be more rounded. In addition, the helmet is also very particular about wearing, to maintain the level, not to lean forward and back. In terms of styling, helmets used for cycling are often divided into regular helmets and pneumatic helmets.

Regular helmets:

The foam material used in the helmet absorbs energy for the head when impacted, cushioning and avoiding brain damage caused by a crash. Ordinary helmets have more holes than pneumatic helmets, are more breathable and lighter.

Pneumatic helmets:

These helmets have fewer openings and smoother surfaces. It's heavier and less breathable than a normal helmet, but you do get better aerodynamics and it's worth having when every second counts.

Recommendation :

TREK Bontrager Circuit WaveCel Road Bike Helmet


Reasons for recommendation:

A key gear for cycling.Whether your finish line is on the track or on your doorstep, the Bontrager Circuit WaveCel delivers the right performance, comfort and technology to be your helmet of choice for any ride. It's equipped with features that any rider will appreciate on any terrain, such as WaveCel technology, the BOA® Fit system for superior comfort and safety, and the Blendr mounting system for easy integration of lights and cameras.

WaveCel is a leading helmet technology designed to absorb linear impact and rotational energy, and the BOA® Fit System allows you to easily secure and adjust the fit with one hand. In addition, the Blendr magnetic mounting system makes it easy to integrate GoPro cameras and Bontrager lights.

It is a revolutionary cycle gear helmet technology unique to Trek and Bontrager helmets. It is designed with soft and comfortable washable helmet cushions that are more effective at preventing certain ride-related injuries than traditional foam helmets. This helmet meets U.S. safety standards for helmets, and if your helmet is hit during the first year of ownership, it is guaranteed to be replaced free of charge.

Cycling Jersey |Cycling gear for reducing wind resistance

The role of cycling clothing is not only for good-looking, it a cycling gear also reduce wind resistance. The breathable fabric can quickly eliminate sweat, achieving sufficient heat dissipation, and reducing body temperature. Great jersey even provides some sun protection. Cycling clothes are generally divided into ordinary short-sleeved cycling jerseys, spring and autumn long-sleeved cycling jerseys and winter down cycling jerseys. Cyclists can choose suitable cycling jerseys according to the season and temperature.

In addition, do not forget cycling pants and suitable cycling pants can play a certain role in protecting sports muscles and ensuring normal blood flow. There are two types of cycling pants: regular cycling pants and bib cycling pants.

Regular cycling pants:

Regular cycling pants are similar to traditional shorts and are fixed at the waist. It's made from stretchy fabric and has a skinny design to help reduce wind resistance. The advantage is that the price is relatively airy, and it is easier to put on and take off.

Bib cycling pants:

The bib cycling pants adjust the fixed pressure to the shoulders, which can relieve the pressure of the leggings on the waist and abdomen, making cycling and breathing smoother, more comfortable, and increase oxygen intake by more than 15%.


SPECIALIZED Team SD Worx Women's Short Sleeve Jersey

Reasons for recommendation:

This is a highly technological gear for cycling. The soft knitted fabric used in this Team SD Worx jersey helps address moisture management while maintaining a soft fit and providing enough support for a comfortable ride. Of course, you'll also find handy features like three back pockets and a full-length front zipper that provides plenty of space to securely store all your cycling essentials, and a full-length front zipper that provides good breathability on hard rides or cold downhills.

In addition, our slim fit offers a precise fit, so this Jersey fits better on your skin without feeling overly oppressive. This detail ensures that Jersey predictably follows all your movements on the saddle without letting any material knot or slap in the wind.

SPECIALIZED SL Air Jersey-Sagan Collection LTD

Reasons for recommendation:

Whether you're an avid racer or a weekend cyclist who loves to spend countless hours in the saddle, you're likely to spend hours in the temperature where your thermometer is bubbling. Recently, we developed SL Air Jersey. It's designed to keep you cool and utilities our soft VaporRize™ knit, a lightweight and soft mesh fabric that wicks away moisture while remaining soft and supportive.

Boasting three standard pockets and an additional zip pocket provides plenty of room to safely store all your cycling essentials and electronics, and the full-length front zipper gives you ventilation on hard rides or cold downhills. It also has a UPF 30+ rating, so your skin will be protected from harmful UV rays. In terms of fit, our slim fit makes the SL Air Jersey feel like we're on paint, so it's ideal for cycling and racing at the highest level.

Cycling Shoes & Click Pedals |A cycling gear that saving energy

Cycling shoes and pedals are not just for professional cyclists, they can be used normally by regular cycling enthusiasts. They improve pedaling efficiency and stability during cycling. When sprinting at increased speed, the click pedal secures the feet and avoids the threat of feet moving off the pedals. In addition, the hard sole of the shoes for cycling allow the cyclist to exert more direct force and achieve twice the effort.

Cycling shoes

When choosing a pair of click shoes for cycling, cyclists need to choose the corresponding shoes type according to their feet shape and measure the length and width of the feet. Unlike regular shoes, click shoes need to perfectly match the length of your feet to reduce feet movement during cycling and keep riding stable.

Click pedals

A pedal is a device that attaches the rider's feet to the pedal. Generally, the click pedals are matched with the corresponding lock tabs. The pedals can be adjusted for different locking forces to suit the preferences of different riders. Locking adjustments vary by brand.

Lock tabs

The devices that are equipped with lock pedals to fix the feet and pedals. The lock tabs usually have different floating angles for the cyclist to choose from. The floating angle refers to the angle at which the rider's feet can be adjusted laterally when fixed with the lock.


SPECIALIZED S-Works 7 Road Shoes


Reasons for recommendation:

A very energy-efficient cycling gear.We take a no-holds-barred approach that transfers every bit of your power to the pedals. The lighter and stiffer Powerline™ carbon sole is a new product brought by the same team that developed Rider-First Engineering, and each shoe weighs about 224g. Featuring a fully revamped Padlock™ heel, the internal recessed screws ensure safety and a more comfortable fit. Plus, the space-grade Dyneema™ material used in the upper doesn't stretch when worn, ensuring your feet stay where they should be.

When it comes to comfort, we've retained all the Body Geometry features you know and love. Each feature has been ergonomically designed and scientifically tested to not only increase power, but also increase efficiency and reduce the risk of injury. We've also designed the S-Works 7 with luxury in mind, making it look like a complement to function, so you'll find the seams are glued together rather than stitched, with clean lines and silhouettes that fit your feet for slipper-like comfort. The custom CNC alloy Boa® toggles add a bit of style, but they also feature durable spring clutch internals and a precise one-millimeter fine-tuner that allows you to perfectly adjust your feet.

Cycling Gloves


Gloves can filter vibrations, reduce joint damage, and relieve the symptoms of hand numbness to a certain extent during long-term cycling. When crashing, gloves can act as the first barrier to the hand to avoid all kinds of abrasions. Unlike regular gloves, gloves used for cycling add shock-absorbing materials such as sponges to the palm of the hand to cushion the rider's hand. On the back of the hand, gloves are usually made of a more sweat-absorbent material.


SHIMANO Airway Gloves

Reasons for recommendation:

A non slip gear for cycling!SHIMANO Airway Gloves is a full-featured summer glove with an anatomical 3-piece design and a breathable mesh back. Its original three-piece palm pad is soft and the ergonomic crotch design is made from stretch-breathable 80% recycled polyamide for a more natural fit to the hand. It has a stretch-breathable mesh backing and short cuffs for easy on-off and doffing.

The palm section is made of synthetic leather, and the embossed synthetic leather palm provides a confident grip, and the foam padding of the palm is resistant to abrasion. The back of the hand is made of 95% polyester and 5% elastane, and the vents are well designed, and its size is available in 4 sizes S / M / L / XL. The gloves are suitable for wearing in weather temperatures between 15°C-35°C, with 3D palm design and good long-distance comfort.

Cycling Sunglasses |Sunscreen and windproof gear for cycling

Cycling sunglasses are good cycling gear for eliminating the effects of sunlight on cycling and provide a wide field of view for the rider. In high-speed cycling, the sunglasses for cycling can keep the eyes from being affected by the wind and avoid foreign objects such as stones and dust entering the eyes during cycling. Different types of sunglasses for cycling also show the individuality of the cyclists.

The sunglasses for cycling vary depending on the lenses used for different occasions. In the evenings, cyclists generally choose clear lenses while on the sunny day, and they will choose sunlight lenses. If the ambient light varies greatly, photochromic lenses are a better choice.


100% Trek Team Edition Hypercraft HiPER Lens Sunglasses

Reasons for recommendation:

A technologically innovative gear for cycling.The 100% rimless Hypercraft sunglasses feature Ultra Carbon technology, which is lighter, stronger and sportier than any high-performance consistor in the 100% range. Weighing only 23 grams, Hypercraft sunglasses are the ultimate in lightweight sunglasses design with their proprietary HD and scratch-resistant lens technology, full spectrum UV protection, and enhanced contrast, color and detail.

Additionally, thanks to this iconic design designed by 100% and Trek for the Trek Pro Cycling Team, you can become one of the pros and get ready for your family ride. It also features a strong grip rubber nose pad and temples for a secure fit, and accessories include a glasses hard case, microfiber cleaning bag, spare nose pads and clear replacement lenses.

Water Bottle |A must have gear for cycling

In the hot summer, riders will consume a lot of water during outdoor cycling, so the replenishment of water can maintain the stability of the internal environment of the body to a certain extent and avoid dehydration of the body. So,it is a must have cycling gear,Unless you want to drink wild water.

The bottle for cycling is designed to be convenient and allows riders to hydrate with their hands. When hydrating while riding, remember not to take your hands off the handlebars for life safety. It is best to hold the handle with one hand and draw the bottle from the bottle cage with the other hand and hydrate it upside down. In addition, for cyclists who like outdoor riding, water bottles are consumables in riding, so it is best to change a new water bottle every six months.


TREK Voda Flow 26oz Water Bottle

Reasons for recommendation:

Voda Flow is a premium bottle that offers a great feel and a consistent leak-free closure. The Flow top cover provides hydration that locks and squeezes easily. The anti-drop grip ring adds texture and provides a grip texture for a confident grip even in wet situations, designed for easy access and exit from the bottle cage for a secure fix.

Plus, the bottle is lightweight at only 110g, making it very convenient to use, and it's wrapped in a long-lasting scratch-resistant pattern that will still keep you fresh on future rides. Recyclable, FDA-approved materials are free from BPA's and Phthalates.

Headphones |A cycling gear that makes cycling fun

Do you like listening to music while cycling? Studies have shown that while riding, listening to your favorite channels and enjoying your favorite music can make your ride more enjoyable, longer-lasting, and faster. However, if you wear in-ear headphones while cycling, you will not be able to hear the surrounding sounds, and there is a risk of accidents. Therefore, for the sake of our life safety, it is recommended to use bone conduction headphones when cycling.It is the best gear for making cycling fun.

The principle of bone conduction headphones, by vibrating the skull near the ear canal. The sound wave is automatically converted into the frequency of mechanical vibration when it is generated, driven to the ossicles through the skull, and finally led by the bone labyrinth to the auditory nerve, thereby completing the transmission of sound.

Unlike most headphones, which are worn in the ear. Bone conduction headphones generally adopt an ear-hanging design, where the two vibration units are mostly located near the temples when worn. And the ears are completely open, making them safer and more hygienic when used. This way of wearing is relatively more comfortable, and there will be no pain in the ear for a long time and not cause ear inflammation. For cycling enthusiasts with sensitive ears, bone conduction headphones are undoubtedly the best choice.


Wissonly Hi Runner Bone Conduction Headphones


Reasons for recommendation:

An easily overlooked but essential cycling gear.Wissonly Hi Runner Bone Conduction Headphone is a wireless and ear-hanging bone conduction headphones, it supports Bluetooth mode and MP3 mode dual playback. If you are not convenient to carry the smartphone or it can not receive the signal when cycling outdoors, you can enjoy the music in the MP3 mode while cycling. It's powerful and comes with a huge 32G internal memory that can store 5,000 songs. With the strong battery life, it can listen to music for 8 to 10 hours continuously, which is suitable for long outdoor cycling.

The weight of this headset is only 28 grams, which will not feel heavy when worn. Its surface is made of soft and skin-friendly silicone material, which is very safe and comfortable to wear. In addition, its overall frame is made of adjustable aviation-grade titanium steel, which is resistant to bending and firmly worn. It does not fall easily when cycling, and can work well with sunglasses and helmets for cycling, and costs only $99.99.

It also has an IPX8 waterproof rating, so it can be used normally on rainy days or even when exercising with sweat. This allows you to enjoy the full process of cycling, and it will not fail due to sweat erosion. The open-ear design of this headset allows you to hear the surrounding environment during cycling, making it safer and more hygienic. The only drawback is that wind noise is easy to hear while cycling, but many users have said that this headset is of good quality, and the overall advantages outweigh the disadvantages.


The above is a detailed list of gear for cycling, I hope that reading this article is useful for you. If you want to have a try to cycling, then these gears are all necessary for you. Especially wearing Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones to enjoy music while cycling can give you a better experience and will not add burden to your cycling. Hope you have an unforgettable experience for cycling.