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【2023】Best 10 Gift Ideas for Cyclists

Oct 19,2023 | David

Discover our list of gift ideas for bicycle lovers! This list adapts to all budgets, from $20 to $250. So if you are looking for the best gift ideas to offer to a cyclist, this is where it happens!

The race for Christmas gifts is already well underway and yet you still haven't found the perfect gift for your cycling friends? Here we are to the rescue! We have chosen for you 10 gift ideas to satisfy any cycling lover at Christmas. Products that adapt to all budgets from $20 to $250 and that will surely delight cycling enthusiasts.

These are products appreciated by those who have already tested them, for their quality and their positive contribution in the practice of electric bicycles. Now that you know everything, let's get started!

Gifts for cyclists: our selection of the best products

Gift ideas for less than $50

HAFNY Bar End Bike Mirror, Stainless Steel Lens, Safe Rearview Mirror

Price: $19.99

There are some bike accessories that we do not think about enough and yet, they are very practical! This is the case of these mirrors signed Hafny. These will allow you to constantly scan what surrounds you. Whether in the city, in the countryside or in the mountains, they prove to be very effective. This is an ideal gift idea for cyclists.

Hafny Bike Mirror barely takes any space while parking. It is good for commuting on the bus or parking in the garage. The joint is sturdy and flexible. You can rotate the mirror 360 degree, and never have to worry about the mirror getting knocking down.

With these solid mirrors, which absorb shocks and jolts and their fixing system showing no sign of weakness, you are sure to ride in complete safety. Very manageable and discreet, they will not prevent you from riding comfortably. The viewing angle is top thanks to a slightly curved mirror that allows you to see everything that is happening around you. These can be assembled and folded down in a very short time. A meaningful cyclists gifts idea!

ROCKBROS Bicycle Waterproof Phone Front Frame Bag

Price: $23.99


For most people, getting around the city or elsewhere means using their smartphone. Unfortunately, it is not always easy and prudent to look at your smartphone while driving and even more so when you hold it directly in your hand. To avoid driving and unstable, option for this waterproof bike phone holder.

The gift idea for delivery cyclists or commuters is the phone holder. This central frame handlebar bag offers you a capacity of about 1.5 liters allowing you to carry your smartphone, keys, headphones and much more.

For cards, an inner net is provided for this purpose. Despite the shell, the touch screen remains sensitive. Locking and unlocking by face ID or password is supported. The holder protects the phone from rain, dust and cold thanks to TPU and Composite Carbon Polyester that offers great waterproofing. The support is easy to install and is compatible with the majority of commercial smartphones. A impressive cyclists gifts idea!

FIXINUS LED Turn Signal Safety Vest with Direction Indicator

Price: $32.9


This LED cycling vest from the brand FIXINUS make a great gift for a cyclist. Here too, this one will allow you to be seen and ride safely. Well thought out, it returns all the necessary indications to those around you. With this vest, no more indications with the arms. Here you have the good road safety accessory!

Fixinus Super Bright and LED Reflective Safety Vest will help you stand out to all vehicles from the first day you own, regardless of whether they switched on their headlights. From turn signals to emergency signals, Feel Safer knowing Fixinus Turn Signal Vest will remind passengers and drivers keep distance from you.

This vest has a direction indicator. If you make a turn, simply press the corresponding button on the remote control to signal other users. This lightweight backpack has reflective strips and LED indicators for better visibility which ensures your safety. Easy to use, you just have to put it on like a jacket and adjust it thanks to its 2 adjustable shoulder straps at the waist and shoulders. For charging, nothing could be simpler: this vest includes a built-in battery rechargeable directly via USB. A thoughtful cycling gifts idea!

VELMIA Bike Fender Set Universal Bike Mudguard

Price: $34.99

The start-up Velmia offers you these mudguards for mountain bikes and VTC with wheels between 24 and 29 inches. To protect yourself from splashes, it is the essential accessory especially when walking dirt roads or country roads.

These mudguards offer you effective protection against dirt such as splashing water or dirt. These are mudguards that adapt to most bikes on the market such as mountain bikes and VTC. These are adjusted as needed.

The front mudguard can be installed in 3 different ways and the rear mudguard is adjustable at an angle which offers a versatile use that adapts to all needs and situations. Simple and quick to install thanks to an included manual, these mudguards will save valuable time on a daily basis. A very creative cycling gifts idea!

West Biking 110Lb Capacity Almost Universal Adjustable Bike Cargo Rack

Price: $49.99


So obviously, to be able to enjoy the previous great gift, a rear luggage rack is necessary. The company West Biking offers this durable and practical hanging rear luggage rack.

Don't be coaxed by the fact that this luggage rack is hanging. It is actually sturdy and very well designed. You can easily install a child seat or panniers for work. The excellent West Biking brand offers you an accessory that is easy to install and without tools.

The luggage rack can be assembled and reassembled quickly after the first installation. The tires are clear and the double bag does not interfere with driving. Its attachment also makes it easier to let the rear lighting pass through and therefore to be better seen. Rubber pads prevent the accessory from slipping and protect the frame of the bike. A  very practical cycling gifts idea!

Gift ideas for less than $100

RHINOWALK Bike Bag Waterproof Bike Pannier Bag

Price: $65.99

Not all bicycles are equipped with panniers and it's a shame! This double bag that installs on the rear luggage rack is very practical for those who practice cycling. In this way, electronic devices such as laptops or tablets are protected as well as paper documents!

This double PVC bag is waterproof and its design is solid. Cardboard reinforcements are provided to maintain the shape of the saddlebags and enhance strength. They are well maintained, move very little and do not clutter the bike or the driving. The double bag offers 25 liters of cargo.

There is an adjustable nylon shoulder strap in the package, with easy locks on both sides, the strap can be installed and removed effortless, and you can carry the bike pannier on the shoulder while not cycling. Assembly and disassembly are done in less than 5 minutes so if you are in a hurry in the morning before leaving for the office, this double bag will save you time. A good cyclists gifts idea!

Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7 Bike U-Lock with Cable

Price: $92.95


As a Christmas gift, option for this electric bike lock, Mini-7 U-shaped signed Kryptonite, the brand specializing in security devices, offering quality bicycle locks, recognized for years for their great robustness. With the New-U evolution standard, quality and solidity are at the rendezvous!

This lock with a 15 mm thick hardened steel handle resists attacks with cutting pliers and all attempts at removal. The accessory weighs 1.5 kg and benefits from new dust protection and a double locking mechanism. The lock includes 3 stainless steel keys, one with integrated replaceable LED.

Rated at a 7 / 10 on our security scale, the Evolution Mini-7 is good for quick stops on college campuses, a couple of hours in major metropolitan areas, and all day & overnight in suburbs and rural areas. This lock is also bundled with a Kryptonite Flex 410 double looped braided steel cable for securing front wheel or accessories.

The combination of these great features and the support programs including Key Safe, Anti-Theft Protection, and Lifetime make Kryptonite Bicycle Locks the best choice for protecting what you value. A very creative cyclists gifts idea!

WISSONLY Hi Runner Bone Conduction Headphones

Price: $99.99


A good gift idea for a cyclist is this Hi Runner bone conduction headphones from the WISSONLY brand. Bone Conduction headphones transmit sound via vibrations on the head of the wearers and jawbones into the inner ear, rather than through the air and into the eardrum. This process allows the ears of the wearers to take in other sounds – useful when you’re cycling.

Wissonly Hi Runner is the wireless and ear-hanging bone conduction headphones, it can support dual playback in Bluetooth mode and MP3 mode, with the 32GB of storage, the Hi Runner headphones can be stored 5000 songs and enjoyed even in the MP3 mode when without your smartphone if you are inconvenient to carry your smartphone or it cannot receive a signal when cycling outdoors.

The weight of the headset is less than 30 grams, which is made of soft skin-friendly silicone material on the surface, and the material is very safe and comfortable to fit and you won't feel burdened when wearing it. With an IPX8 waterproof rating, you can use the headphones properly in the rainy day or when you're sweating, which allows you to have a better experience while cycling as the headphones won't malfunction due to sweat.

Its overall frame is made of adjustable aerospace-grade titanium steel material, which is resistant to bending and wear firmly, and it won't fall off easily when cycling and it also can cooperate well with sunglasses and helmet used for cycling. In addition, you can listen to music continuously for 8 to 10 hours with a strong battery life, and it is suitable for hours and hours outdoor cycling.

The open-ear design of these headphones allows you to hear the sounds around you while cycling, making it safer and more hygienic, but it's easy to hear the wind noise. However, safety is the most important factor for cyclists, so I recommend the Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones. A meaningful cyclists gifts idea!

Gift ideas for less than $250

Lumos Ultra Smart Bike Helmet Customizable Front and Back LED Lights

Price: $119.95

Let's continue in safety accessories with this LED helmet from the brand Lumos. To see better and be seen better, option for this LED helmet allowing you to ride with maximum safety. With its refined design, this helmet is in tune with the times. A MIPS helmet has a clever safety design to help protect your head by letting the helmet absorb rotational impact force.

Available in 3 sizes includes M, L and XL, it fits the majority of heads. Like most helmets, the size can be adjusted via an adjustable buckle. Inside, the removable and comfortable lining is easy to remove and wash. Equipped with a front and rear lamp, this headset has a variety of different lighting modes to meet the needs and different environments when riding. 

The bright helmet LED lights lets those behind you know which way you are turning, controlled by the wireless handlebar-mounted remote. The battery of this helmet can last up to 10 hours and uses a Universal USB Type-C charging cable. Gift your cyclist buddy - The Lumos Ultra is guaranteed to draw a huge smile on any rider. A thoughtful cycling gifts idea!

6KU Track Fixed Gear Unisex-Adult Bicycle

Price: Above $211.28


With this bike, it is a completely different experience that we offer you. This mountain bike, at the top of our ranking of the best mountain bikes offers a really unbeatable value for money. Good performance, at a good price and solid equipment, what more could you ask for?

This unisex-adult bicycle signed 6KU is one of the best of the moment and is also part of our ranking of the best mountain bike. It is suitable for perfect beginners as well as city dwellers who use their bike to go to work or go cycling outdoors. It is a very versatile machine that will work perfectly in most environments.

A play on speed and style, the Urban Track takes the street head-on with no regrets. With its performance inspired aluminium frame and fork paired with comfortable riser handlebars, you can effortlessly navigate whatever life throws at you while looking your best. We love how it can fit any occasion.

Frames are warranted by Urban Bikes, against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the original owner. Its design is clean and will suit most people. It is easy to mount and suitable for all profiles. For those who want to go to ride, this is an deal cycling gift.

The extra idea: registration for a bike race

In the same way as marathons, you can offer your cycling enthusiast a bib for a bike race. But a few steps are needed:

If the person is not a professional racer or not affiliated to a cycling club, you can gift him with some essential accessories for cycling and then help him sign up for a cycling race for amateurs if he is drawn in a lottery so that he can participate in the race.

In any case, these races are a great opportunity for a cycling enthusiast to put himself in the shoes of a rider.

What type of gift to give to a cyclist?

The types of cyclists are numerous. There are confirmed regulars, occasional or those who are fans of cycling without doing it themselves. For these different profiles, there are different gift ideas:

Decorate and lifestyle gift ideas. You can offer decorations for apartment or house in the image of his passion: cycling! Offer him goodies or accessories from the most prestigious bike races around the world. Or opt for books dedicated to runners, iconic races, or guides.

Gift ideas for those who like to travel by cycling or cycling during their trip. In this case, you can opt for special activities at the place of your trip or choose a gift box,  dedicated 100% to the activity of the bike. Gift cards or subscriptions to services for cyclists are also interesting ideas.

Gift ideas to equip your bike. You can offer accessories or objects that improve the practice of electric cycling. These can be state-of-the-art gadgets and accessories as well as much more practical things. In any case, his experience will be different and improved.


This was our list of products to offer to a cyclist! So, did you find the ideal gift from this list? On our side, as you may have noticed, we especially wanted to offer you bicycle equipment and technical gadget that would make excellent gifts for cyclists, especially the Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones have been recognized by many cyclists. We hope we have helped you in your search for gifts. Until then, happy holidays.