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【2023 New】The Best 8 Essentials Gear for Cycling

Sep 07,2023 | David

With the rapid development of society, the pressure on everyone is increasing, so many people like to ride with their good friends in their free time, which is the best way to decompress. However, if you want to ride with both safety and a good riding experience, some gear for riding is still indispensable. Here are 8 of the best must-have items for cycling.

Helmets | A gear for cycling safety

Helmets are the most necessary gear for cycling, in order to protect the head from injury during riding. We must not forget to wear helmets, even if the riding section is a familiar road that can not ignore the hidden danger.


Helmets used for cycling are lighter and ventilated. Helmets are cycling gear that usually made of lightweight materials to reduce the burden on the head of the cyclists and be more comfortable at the same time. The heat generated during the ride can flow out through the ventilation holes of the helmet to keep the head breathable and comfortable.

 When choosing a helmet, pay attention to whether the product has EU ECE, EN1078 certification and other marks, especially helmets with EU ECE safety certification, which meet safety standards and are more suitable for our head shape and more comfortable to wear. In addition, we must choose the helmet that suits us according to different use scenarios and key points, such as protection, ventilation, lightweight, etc.


Giro Register MIPS Adult Recreational Cycling Helmet

Reasons for recommendation:The right gear for cycling safety!

Syntax Mip combines European flair, slightly deeper coverage and high performance into an ultra-thin design. The height-adjustable Air Mips system allows you to customize the fit and feel for excellent stability and long-range comfort, while providing additional rotational force protection in the event of an inclined impact.

Lightweight at just 285 grams and with 22 vents, the helmet has a shell molded from tough polycarbonate and permanently fused with EPS foam liners through our In-Mold construction process for durability and breathability without creating excess volume.

Sunglasses |Sunscreen and windproof gear for cycling

Eyes are the most fragile organ of the human body, and we should protect our eyes well during riding. A good pair of sunglasses for cycling can not only prevent damage caused by ultraviolet rays, but also prevent small flying insects from entering the eyes, which protects the eyes and makes you safer riding. Especially when encountering strong wind during long-distance cycling, if you do not take sufficient protective measures, it is very easy to induce eye diseases.

Of course. There are also some tips for choosing sunglasses for cycling, so be sure to pay attention to whether your face shape matches when buying. The sunglasses should fit perfectly on the face, and the brow bone and cheeks should not have too much space with the eyes. In addition, the choice of lenses is equally important. There are many riders who like to ride at night. If you also like to ride at night, it is recommended to choose transparent lenses. If you prefer to ride during the day, blackout lenses are a better choice.


KAPVOE Polarized KE9022 Cycling Sunglasses

Reasons for recommendation:

Ideal gear for cycling, driving, running or other outdoor enthusiasts, these sunglasses have an inner frame for myopia lenses. It adopts materials with very good safety and impact resistance, and has the main characteristics of ultra-lightness, stability, and impact resistance, which effectively reduces the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes and also reduces the burden on the eyes, and it ensures a comfortable field of vision.

Sunglasses for cycling, an active way of movement means your sunglasses must be sturdy enough to withstand any of your challenges, and the specially designed stress-resistant TR90 frame of these glasses can meet any of your needs. KAPVOE has been committed to manufacturing high-performance quality products, providing sunglasses in a variety of colors to meet your individual needs. Accessories include EVA case, glasses bag, glasses cleaning cloth, polarization test card, myopia frame, TR90 frame, clear lens, black polarized lens.

Tent |Essential gear for cycling and camping

The tent is your mobile home during your long ride, so having a sturdy tent is important to you. Before choosing to buy a tent, you need to know the terrain of your ride and the weather.

Tents can be basically divided into: alpine tents, three-season tents, four-season tents, etc.

3-season tent: The price is relatively cheap and it is suitable for ordinary seaside camping and mountain camping around the city. Three-season tents occupy the leading products in the global tent market, focusing on space comfort and basic windproof and rainproof functions. The current three-season tent is designed as a full-network structure of the inner tent, and the outer tent does not even have vents, but uses the outer tent to fully isolate the inner tent to increase ventilation, which is the best choice for long-distance cycling.

4-season tent: It is suitable for hiking and mountaineering at high altitudes. The 4-season tents pay more attention to its wind and snow resistance and durability, lightweight, waterproof and other properties.

Alpine tent: If you like to play extreme sports, you can choose a single alpine tent in order to carry less weight. The main feature is light weight, waterproof, windproof and cold resistance!

Purchase advice:

If you are cycling alone, you can consider buying a three-season tent for single use, it is relatively lightweight cycling gear, which only about 1000g, and it is very good for single use. But if you're considering other items such as backpacks for cycling, it's recommended to choose a tent that can be used for two people, with a relatively large interior space for storing your luggage at night.


Naturehike Cloud UP 2 People 3-season Camping Tent

Reasons for recommendation:

If you want to buy an ultra-light tent that saves space and reduces weight, then the Naturehike Cloud Up series tent will be your best choice. Weighing only about 1.5KG, this tent is the best choice for outdoor camping. The forecourt is designed to make the interior more space, and personal climbing gear can also be placed in the front door area.

It is made of lightweight and wear-resistant 20D nylon silicone fabric and waterproof coating, with a waterproof performance of about 4000+, which can cope with changeable weather, enough to meet your rainproof needs when camping. There is also a windproof, snowproof and tear-proof design, which enhances the stability and safety of the tent.

This tent uses 7001 aluminum alloy poles, which makes the tent stronger and lighter, and can be quickly set up in 5 minutes. The instructions for use are attached to the inside of the outer pocket of the tent, even one person can easily set up. A translucent mesh storage bag is included for easy storage, and the inner tent also has hooks to hang lamps and other supplies. Tight tee joints and high-strength double-ended hooks add toughness to the tent. The tarpaulin is also designed with reflective strips to make installation easier.

Bone conduction headphones |A entertainment gear for cycling

Bone conduction headphones have a lot of advantages in sports, it is a headphone that does not go into the ear,  suitable gear for use in running, cycling, climbing and other sports. If you are a cycling enthusiast, then bone conduction headphones are a good choice. Since bone conduction technology does not need to be tucked into the ear to hear music, it does not cause any discomfort. It is more convenient to use and doesn't interfere with your other senses when you wear them in your ears, most riders have a pair of bone conduction headphones for themselves to enjoy their music during riding.

Advantages of bone conduction headphones:

1. Reduce sound transmission steps and restore sound clearly

Bone conduction headphones eliminate many steps of sound wave transmission, so that clear sound reproduction can be achieved in noisy environments, and sound waves will not affect others due to diffusion in the air.


2. It does not fit into the ear, and it is more comfortable to be healthy and hygienic

Bone conduction headphones do not need to be plugged into the ear canal, so they will not cause discomfort or infection in the ear canal and are more comfortable and hygienic.


3. Be more safer to hear the outside world

When wearing bone conduction headphones, the ears can hear outside sounds. It will be a safer gear for cycling.



Wissonly Hi Runner Bone Conduction Headphones

Reasons for recommendation:

If you're looking for an ultra-lightweight bone conduction headphones that's perfect for cycling, then this headphones from Wissonly will be the perfect gear for cycling, rivaling the high quality of the top brands at half the price or less. Its weight is very light, only 28 grams. There is no sense of weight when wearing, and the surface of the headset is made of soft and skin-friendly silicone material, the material is very safe with high wearing comfort.

This is a wireless and ear-hanging bone conduction headset with powerful functions and 32G built-in memory is one of its main features which can store 5000 songs. It supports Bluetooth mode and MP3 mode dual playback, which provides great convenience for sports enthusiasts. If your smartphone have no signal or are not convenient to carry it when cycling outdoors, you can use the MP3 mode of the headphones.

The Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones have a strong battery life and can listen to songs more than 10 hours continuously, which is suitable for long-term outdoor sports. Its overall frame is made of adjustable aviation-grade titanium steel material, which can adapt to different sizes of head circumference. Whether it is children, adults or the elderly, it can ensure a firm fit and will not fall off easily, and also can fit well with the helmet when cycling. Its waterproof rating is IPX8, which allows you to have a better experience during the ride and the headphones will not fail due to rain or sweat.

The open-ear design allows you to hear the surrounding environment when cycling, which is safer and more hygienic to use, and wearing the open-ear design also makes it deficient that it is easy to hear wind noise during cycling. However, the evaluation of most users that the headphones are good quality. By purchasing Wissonly bone conduction headphones, you can get a quality product and you can also get a good shopping experience. This product is willing to provide you with satisfactory after-sales service, so you can rest assured to buy Wissonly bone conduction headphones.

Gloves |A anti slip gear for cycling

After cycling for a long time, not only will our legs get tired, but our hands will also be under a lot of pressure, so many riders will wear a pair of gloves when cycling.

The role of wearing gloves for cycling:


1. Anti-shock

When we ride to grip the handlebars, the pressure will be directly transmitted to the palm of the hand, compression of the ulnar bone nerves, resulting in paralysis, weakness and other conditions of the hand, and gloves used for riding in the palm of the hand will be designed to thicken the protective pads, to relieve the pressure, and play a protective anti-vibration role.


2. Wear-resistant

The process of the cycling is generally relatively long, and the long grip and various frequent operations will cause the skin of the hands to become rough, and the damage to the palms is relatively large. The gloves used for cycling are made of microfiber fabric, which effectively reduces the direct friction of the skin and avoids injury.

3. Anti-slip

When we ride, there will be sweat discharged, leading to grip the handlebar when the phenomenon of easy to slip, and wear gloves for riding can prevent this phenomenon from occurring. The design of anti-slip silicone in the palm of the glove plus the fabric has a certain moisture absorption effect, increasing the friction with the handlebar and will greatly increase the safety of the riding process.


4. Protect wrists

When cycling, long-distance cycling will encounter different road surfaces. The vibration produced compresses the nerves, and severe cases will lead to wrist dislocation. In addition, gloves for cycling can reduce the degree of vibration, plus gloves wrist protection, making cycling safer and more secure.

5. Keep warm

When we ride in winter, due to the climate and temperature, the palm and finger control are not flexible enough, and we will not be able to control the bicycle correctly in time in times of crisis. Wearing fleece full-finger gloves for cycling can ensure that the temperature can be seen at the same time, but also ensure the sensitivity of the control, and react in the first time to avoid danger.


6. Prevent injury

Cycling itself is a sport with some danger, in the event of an emergency accidentally crashed, out of instinct people will use their hands to support the ground to relieve the impact of the body. If you do not wear gloves or poorly protected gloves, it will cause hand injury and severe cases will also lead to life-threatening, under this circumstance, gloves for cycling are generally thickened protective pads which can well prevent direct friction between hands and the ground, to avoid more serious injuries.



Castelli Cycling Arenberg Gel 2 Glove for Road Cycling


Reasons for recommendation:

The comfortable gear for road cycling

CASTELLI Damping System: This glove features a proprietary Castelli damping system that provides optimal protection against stable road vibrations for miles of riding comfort.

Gel Liner and Grip: Gel pads and silicone grips add comfort and control.

Secure fit: Adjustable wrist closure for a firm and flexible fit.

Bicycle Computer |Cycling Gear for calculating cycling distance

This is an electronic product used to calculate mileage and speed, which consists of an induction magnet mounted on the steel bar of the front rim and an inductor on the fork, which is placed on the computer base above the grip and the computer meter on the seat by the connecting wire that winds up the fork.


The working principle of the computer is: when the rim rotates, the sensor captures the information brought by the induction magnet and transmits it to the computer through the connecting line, and the computer processes this to calculate the speed, mileage and other information that display it to the rider.

There are two types of computers: wired computer and wireless computer. The latter is more expensive, and cyclists generally use wired computers. In addition, similar electronic products include flight decks, which can display richer riding information such as gear shifts in addition to the information displayed by the computer computer, but at a higher price.



Bontrager RIDEtime Elite Cycling Computer


Reasons for recommendation:

Using the RIDEtime Elite Cycling Computer can change the way you ride. It can be easily paired with a compatible ANT+ sensor for real-time speed, cadence, and power data, so you can work out more efficiently and get better back to cycling.

The 2-inch easy-to-read screen features a programmable backlight and customizable three-zone display, simple setup and an intuitive one-touch interface let you ride faster, showing your mileage, time and calories burned, while features such as automatic start or stop and automatic light control help you control your speed of cycling .

Tools & Maintenance |Essential cycling gear.

Including bicycle special maintenance oil, portable pump, tire repair kit, tire removal tool, and combination tool, etc. During long-distance riding, you will encounter bicycle failure, so it is necessary to prepare a set of maintenance tools yourself. In general, a cycling team only needs to bring one set of tools. You can also maintain your car, buy a bottle of special maintenance oil, ride back to maintain the chain, flywheel, transmission and other parts of the car, which can improve the performance of the car and extend the service life of the components.


Bontrager Pro Ratchet Multi-Tool


Reasons for recommendation:

The Bontrager Pro Ratchet Multi-Tool is small, lightweight, portable, and professional-quality. The 72-tooth miniature ratchet and Swiss S2 steel head enable extremely precise adjustment, whether in the workshop or on the road.

The modular design allows for a variety of configurations, making the use of any bolt a breeze, and even offers an integrated torque tool. All tools are housed in a classic design box, and the internal design holds all tools securely.


Reflective and lighting systems

Reflective systems include reflective patches on the rim, front and rear passive lights, reflective patches on backpacks, helmets and cycling wear. The lighting system is mainly battery or self-generated front and rear lights. These items help mark your location when cycling at night, making it easy for teammates and pedestrians and other vehicles on the road to get out of the way.


Trek Commuter Comp R Flare R City Bike Light Set


Reasons for recommendation:

Commuting-focused light clusters designed to provide a better experience for you and your companions. The Commuter Comp's Kindbeam shines more light on the road ahead of you while avoiding the eyes of oncoming cyclists, with a bright light that won't blind oncoming riders!

Daytime driving patterns with headlights and taillights increase daytime visibility, making it the best choice for any city or road rider. Flare R City offers a wide beam of 35-lumen which is ideal for use in cities, and can be integrated into compatible Blendr mounts, helmets and helmet mounts. USB charging is also possible using the included micro USB cable.


These are some of the gear you need to bring for cycling. In the process of preparing gear for cycling, in addition to helmets, glasses, gloves, etc., there is another gear that we often forget, and that is headphones.

If you like to listen to music while cycling, then bone conduction headphones must be necessary for you, especially Wissonly Hi Runner bone conduction headphones, with powerful performance allows you to travel safely and enjoy it. Cycling is known as a "golden cardio" that not only exercises cardio but also releases stress and relaxes your mind, so pack your gear and go on a road cycling trip with friends on the weekend!