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【2023】Recommended 10 Best Gifts Ideas for Runners

Oct 19,2023 | David

Giving the perfect gift to running fans isn't easy. This short guide is full of runner gifts ideas for all budgets, and will help you make an informed choice.

Ask any runner: running in the winter months takes a whole new level of motivation. Accessible to all, winter running requires equipment adapted to the coldest and snowiest days.

Giving a gift to a runner is not easy, as we know, with the large selection of hats, running shoes, sports watches, or gloves on the market. If you're looking for running gift ideas, read on and check out this guide from our running experts.

We have prepared a selection of articles likely to delight the runners in your life. You will find products for running on the trail or on the road, whatever the season. You may even find a unique accessory that you never thought of, easy to slip into the Christmas stocking. This list of gifts for all budgets will help you find the rare pearl.

1. Running Watch

2. Open-ear Headphones

3. Racing Sunglasses

4. Race Beanie

5. Race Backpack

6. Running Socks

7. Race Cap

8. Merino Wool Neck Buff

9. Injury Prevention Kit

10. Winter Running Gloves

The beginner in running or trail running is often satisfied with the essentials, such as warm clothing for winter runs. However, he will also appreciate playful accessories such as a smartphone armband, headlamp, recovery socks or even a GPS watch if your budget allows.

On the other hand, the experienced runner who trains regularly is very demanding in terms of equipment. If you are looking for a gift for an experienced runner, bet on technical or really useful products. Give priority to technical clothing. Follow our guide to make the right gifts choice for runners!

1. Running Watch

GARMIN Vivoactive 4S Watch - Unisex

Price: $407.99

A meaningful gift for runners!

A gift that will certainly please the experienced runner or the one who likes to stay in his bubble during his exercise. The Vivoactive 4s watch is easy to use and offers several personalized training programs designed by Garmin. It’s simple and low-tech look means you can wear it all day, from the office to the local pub. Allowing you to connect to services such as Spotify, it offers the possibility of storing your favorite songs directly on your watch, for a most lively run. 

This watch that weighs only 40g can be preloaded with more than 20 sports apps, so you'll never run out of sports inspiration. You don't need to carry your mobile phone or cash to buy things when you are running outdoors, it has a payment function. It also has a great battery life, with 7 days of continuous use in watch mode and 5 hours of continuous playback in GPS mode. For runners demanding more features for running, check out Garmin's Forerunner 745 watch, a more advanced model.

2. Open-ear Headphones

Running to music is fun. But with conventional headphones, there is the risk of not hearing surrounding vehicles. With this new bone conduction technology, the sound is transmitted directly to the inner ear via the bones of the skull, without obstructing the auditory canal! So you hear your surroundings as well as your music or podcast. Truly stunning.

WISSONLY Hi Runner Bone Conduction Headphones- Unisex

Price: $99.99

A Impressive gift for runners!

What would be the best gift for your favorite runner? Designed for sport, whether indoors or outdoors, these open-ear headphones from Wissonly are water and sweat resistant, and stay securely in place even during the most intense activities. They charge quickly, deliver exceptional sound quality for open-ear headphones and keep you in touch with your surroundings, a must for sports where staying alert is essential. The best of both worlds.

Wissonly Hi Runner is the wireless and ear-hanging bone conduction headphones with powerful performance. It is equipped with a large internal memory of 32G, which can store 5000 songs. The weight of the headset is only 28 grams, you won't feel burdened when wearing it. It is made of soft skin-friendly silicone material on the surface, and the material is very safe and comfortable to fit.

With a strong battery life, you can listen to music continuously for 8 to 10 hours, suitable for hours and hours outdoor running. The headphones can also support dual playback in Bluetooth mode and MP3 mode. If your smartphone cannot receive a signal when running outdoors or you are inconvenient to carry it, you can use in MP3 mode, which allows you to enjoy music while running.

Its overall frame is made of adjustable aerospace-grade titanium steel material, which is resistant to bending and wear firmly, and it won't fall off easily when running and it also can work well with sunglasses and sun cap used for running. In addition, it has an IPX8 waterproof rating, so you can use it properly when exercising in the rain or when you're sweating. This feature allows you to have a better experience while running as the headphones won't malfunction due to sweat.

The open-ear design of these headphones allows you to hear the sounds around you while running, making them safer and more hygienic. The only drawback is that it's easy to hear the wind noise while running, but safety is the most important thing for runners, so I recommend the Wissonly Hi Runner Bone Conduction Headphones as a gift for runners.

3. Racing Sunglasses

Smith Ruckus Sports Sunglasses for Running - Unisex

Price: $229

A thoughtful gift  for runners!

To run under the dazzling sun, a pair of glasses like the Ruckus from Smith is a must. After a long day on the running, you should be thinking about cracking open a cold one with your buds, not sore spots behind your ears.

Ready for the trail, run, or CX course, our Smith Ruckus sunglasses are made for all-day comfort with thin, no-slip temples that are designed to work with your helmet.

The raised-brow design with two interchangeable ChromaPop™ lenses gives you great peripheral vision in the running position and adds enhanced color and detail to your view and it stays perfectly in place on the face during sprints.  

When the afternoon sun starts to dip, easily swap lenses using our PivLock™ technology and get ready to enjoy the sunset from the road. Fine tune your kit with additional or replacement lenses for sunny conditions, variable conditions, and cloudy conditions.

4. Race Beanie 

BUFF Adult Midweight Merino Wool Hat - Unisex

Price: $22

A  very practical gift for runners!

Here is a perfect beanie to slip into your pocket after a long run. This new Midweight Merino Wool Hat is warm, breathable, and odor resistant, the perfect fit for springtime cross-country hiking tours, winter trekking, or evening runs.

The mid-weight wool fabric performs across a range of cooler temperatures, dries quickly, and retains heat. Knitted with multi-colored yarn, the melange fabric effect creates a unique look of depth and texture. The wool of the BUFF is sourced from humanely raised, non-mulesed sheep.

Its advanced skin warm technology makes it warm and light, ideal for running in winter and fall. It is compact, light and designed with reflective details to allow exits after work! A simple gift for runners.

5.  Race Backpack

OSPREY Kitsuma 1.5 Hydration Backpack - Women's 

Price: $54.93

A good gift  for runners!

For those who like to run for a long time without worrying about looking for waterers along the way, the Kitsuma backpack is a great gift idea. Designed by Osprey, this 1.5L tank allows you to drink without stopping running. Very comfortable and made so as not to rub against the skin, it is ideal for long runs under the sun, summer, and winter alike.

Ideal for fast runners that require only the water on your back, the women's specific Kitsuma 1.5 lets you carry the bare minimum. The high quality, low-profile design features a 1.5-liter reservoir with a bite valve that attaches magnetically to a sternum strap. A well-ventilated mesh harness offers exceptional airflow and rolled, and soft-edge shoulders provide contoured comfort. In the event you find yourself outside when the sun goes down, a loop for your rear tail light lets you be seen.

Sometimes the water on your back is the only thing you need, especially when you’re planning on running a familiar route. The Kitsuma 1.5 is the ideal pack for women who want just that. Designed with the outdoor running minimalist in mind, but suitable for many activities, an included 1.5-liter reservoir in its own dedicated sleeve keeps you hydrated on the road. Lightweight mesh-covered foam delivers admirable airflow, while permitting maximum body movement.

6. Running Socks

Smartwool Adult Run Zero Cushion Mid Crew - Unisex

Price: $21

A thoughtful gift  for runners!

Smartwool knows all about stockings. Its merino wool performance models offer antimicrobial properties, are almost seamless and wick away moisture effectively. Why not give a pair as a gift to your friend who loves running in the winter? Ultra soft against the skin, durable and ideal for all year round, these are the perfect running socks.

Being successful starts with the right gear. This unisex's Crew offers a great fit, durability, and features like mesh breathability zones and more. For enhanced performance, this sock is sure to be the solution for your next run. Made with a minimal layer between your foot and shoe, these low-profile wool running socks are ideal when you need a snug fit without any extra bulk.

Featuring an over the ankle, quarter-calf crew fit that prevents chafing from your boots, these versatile socks can be worn throughout all seasons and are the perfect pair for mid and high-top running shoes.

Thinner and softer than regular wool, it's easy to wear next to skin. Each fiber transports sweat away as a vapor and regulates body temperature to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Go far, feel good with thoughtful tech to keep you trekking comfortably—a Virtually Seamless Toe offers added comfort while Indestructible Wool Tech provides enhanced durability.

7. Race Cap

Sprints Performance Running Caps - Unisex

Price: $32

A  very practical gift for runners!

The company Sprints has brilliantly taken over the market for running caps. Its race cap is lightweight, breathable, and built to last. They're so stylish, all the runners in your entourage will love having more than one and pairing them with every outfit. With their velcro details and varied colors, we can't help but want them all!

This moisture wicking and light polyester fabric has mesh inserts to quickly cool you down so you can enjoy an evening night cap. It was made of high-performance fabric combines quality construction, moisture wicking, nano-fabric and aerodynamic shap. With adjustable closure 100% polyester, one size fits cap features an adjustable velcro closure for a personalized and comfortable fit.

8. Merino Wool Neck Buff

Icebreaker Merino Flexi Chute Wool Winter Neck Buff - Unisex

Price: $30

A meaningful gift for runners!

For runners who stop at nothing, who run even in snow and wind, a lightweight merino wool neck warmer is in order. This one, the icebreaker Flexi Chute neck warmer, can be worn as a neck warmer, as a headband or even as a tuque. Versatile, it will make a wonderful gift idea for anyone who doesn't mind winter running.

Always have what you need on any adventure with the Icebreaker Merino Flexi Chute Gaiter Mask for men and women! This all-purpose ski face cover is ideal for year-round protection from the elements whatever your adventure.

Featuring a super soft, double layer, these gaiters for unisex features 200GM Jersey fabric to ensure it provides all-day comfort. Our exclusive buff neck gaiter is non-itchy, non-clammy, lightweight, and perfect for the cold. These incredibly versatile, convertible neck warmers for women and men can be used as a beanie, folded into a headband, or used as a sun shade and winter mask.

This running neck warmer for men and women is made with 100% Pure Merino Wool, an annually renewable resource that is breathable, naturally resists odors, and helps regulate body temperature in all weather conditions! It is ready to hit the slopes, trails and more. At Icebreaker Merino, we want to create relationships between people and nature, and we offer face warmer neck gaiters for men and women that are designed to provide natural performance with high-quality, non-synthetic fibers.

9. Injury Prevention Kit

KT Tape Pro Kinesiology Therapeutic Sports Tape - 10 units

Price: $16.17

A Impressive gift for runners!

The ultimate tape, the one used by everyone from kinesiologists to professional runners. The KT Tape Pro adhesive tape, here in economical format is probably the most effective on the market. This adhesive strip sticks perfectly to the skin, retains its effectiveness for a long time and is particularly useful for starting to run again after an injury. Also used in prevention, holds it in place in strategic areas and does not come off in the water.

Elastic sports tape used by pro and serious athletes to support muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments. It’s drug-free, latex-free, hypoallergenic, lightweight, breathable, comfortable, HSA/FSA approved, and easy to use. Sports tape that is relied on by professional and Olympic athletes, medical professionals to train longer and finish stronger.

KT Tape Pro is the only sports tape with 100% synthetic-engineered, performance fabric that maintains elasticity twice as long as cotton tape. It wicks moisture instead of absorbing it. It helps reduce tissue pressure, support muscles and joints. Studies show it helps you recover faster from pain. Our sports tape is used for knee, shoulder, shin splints, back pain, and much more. Watch our videos to easily apply.

You're interested, but it's a bit expensive for tape? It is certain, nevertheless, it is a very good gift idea for serious athletes. For a smaller, less expensive format, try the equally effective KT Tape Pro Original.

10. Winter Running Gloves

GORE WEAR M Stretch Gloves Gore-Tex Infinium - Unisex

Price: $45

A  very practical gift for runners!

Is there anything worse than frozen fingers on a 10-kilometer run? The GORE WEAR gloves offer excellent protection and maximum performance. Made from a Polyester blend to make them stretchy, they're electronically compatible and weatherproof. Give them as gifts to your favorite runner, and allow them to keep their hands warm for winter running.

The Gore-Tex Infinium products support you even better in your active life. They are aimed at customers for whom comfort and function are more important than waterproofing. The products offer flexibility, functionality and style for people who enjoy an active lifestyle - made for versatile comfort.

The warm running gloves for men and women from GORE WEAR are the ideal companion in cool weather conditions. The good fit in combination with the new Gore-Tex Infinium technology ensures your well-being during sports. This technology makes the gloves not only windproof, but also highly water-repellent and extremely breathable. Additional specifications such as touch screen operation, the 4-way stretch for maximum freedom of movement, the ergonomically pre-shaped 3D construction or the tight sleeve cuffs give the gloves that certain something.


Have a happy holiday shopping! Indulge the sportsmen in your life with the best running gifts on the market. Ideal to be placed under the tree or for the Christmas stocking, a gift that will encourage his passion for running will certainly please him or her.

But if you're struggling with which gift to give to the runner, then I suggest you order the Wissonly Hi Runner Bone Conduction Headphones as a gift that will keep the runner safer while running and I think he or she needs a pair of bone conduction headphones. We hope you found some great gift ideas for the race reading this guide!